FileTrek Announces Worklog Solution at MobileCon Conference

Los Angeles, CA, Oct. 10, 2012 — FileTrek announced their new worklog technology developed to close the “desktop black hole” at the MobileCon CTIA conference in San Diego, CA. FileTrek’s Worklog Data Collector (WDC) enables unprecedented operational transparency to effectively track and maintain audit control over sensitive unstructured information and intellectual property. FileTrek provides timely answers to critical questions about corporate risk and security exposure from IP as it is moved, shared and utilized across the extended enterprise.

Enterprises use insights gained from worklogs for:

  • Off Network Monitoring – Track mobile employees and extended workforce activities regardless of network connectivity
  • Forensic Investigation – Proprietary “file-genealogy” visualizations and automated capabilities save days or weeks of manual forensic study when reacting to data breaches and regulatory requests
  • People & Files of Interest – Enable a proactive and in-depth analysis of user activities for defined populations such as exiting employees, project workgroups, and creators of intellectual property
  • File Propagation – Determine where files and derivatives are located throughout a network. For example, it can augment malware detection systems to automate identification of compromised devices
  • Business Process Optimization – Obtain comprehensive views of the time and resources spent completing work processes to identify automation and optimization opportunities

FileTrek provides unprecedented visibility of data in motion by monitoring relationships between people, devices and files. Having this level of actionable insight and the tools to create audit trails, file maps and reports for regulatory compliance enable an enterprise to become IP aware.

The FileTrek team will be available for live demos and media briefings on:

  • October 10: 10:30 am – 5pm PT
  • October 11: 10:30 am – 4pm PT

MobileCon by CTIA, Booth #1144, San Diego Convention Center

The collectors are installed unobtrusively between the operating system and application layer of the endpoint device and monitors all files and file-related activities including access, changes, moves, saves, renames as well as files that are uploaded, shared or emailed within or beyond the firewall. The captured metadata is centralized in the FileTrek Metadata Cloud where analysis and alerts are presented via reports, customized dashboards or API calls to external systems.

Jake White