FileTrek Debuts Behavioral Analytics Platform for Enterprise Threat Detection at RSA Conference 2014

Leverages Advanced Behavioral Analytics for Fast, Accurate and Affordable Real-Time Incident Detection and On-Demand Risk Forensics

Ottawa, ON, Feb. 19, 2014 – FileTrek, the leader in advanced behavioral analytics for threat detection, will debut its new enterprise threat detection platform at the RSA Conference 2014 on Feb. 24–28 (booth #2414 South). The FileTrek Platform leverages a patent-pending behavioral analytics engine and detection algorithms to proactively surface attacks against valuable data assets, alert managers to their existence and deliver immediate risk forensics, providing fast and accurate threat detection and on-demand investigations for companies of all sizes. The FileTrek solution is available as a cloud or on-premise solution.

Behavioral analytics is of increasing interest to IT and security professionals for its scientific approach to mapping data points that may seem unrelated against patterns of human or machine behavior surfacing unforeseen threats and risks. The FileTrek approach focuses on data collected at the endpoint, providing a direct view into the behavior of users and machines. The system builds relationships between users, machines, applications, and files, and creates patterns of behavior from which trends emerge. By creating behavioral baselines, normalized risk scoring and anomalous activity detection, threats can be surfaced based on quantifiable evidence and prioritized by risk. FileTrek does not rely on derivative events, such as network traffic, log files or firewall activity, to determine anomalous behavior since these are indirect events that are devoid of context and difficult to collect in real-time, making them ineffective in capturing and weighting potential threats in an operational environment. In contrast, FileTrek’s behavioral analytics engine tracks thousands of user, device, application and file events in real-time– as well as the relationship between devices, users, and files — accounting for their sensitivity and assigning risk scores to users and potential threats. This unique approach rapidly and accurately surfaces event anomalies, eliminates noise and false positives, reduces investigation time and eliminates the need for expensive analysis.

FileTrek also contrasts with existing enforcement and event management tools, which require immense configuration and classification efforts, making them too costly and complex to deploy and manage. The FileTrek platform is easy to deploy, operationalize and maintain. Initial customers are finding that, upon deployment, FileTrek immediately begins collecting event information and building relationship patterns, reporting prioritized risks, threats and supporting investigative information within 24 hours.

“Most small and mid-sized organizations have no way to effectively protect sensitive data at all, while many larger enterprises are looking to swap large footprint, costly and outmoded legacy technologies for approaches that are less complex, require fewer resources to support, and provide visibility across endpoints where the majority of today’s attacks occur,” said FileTrek CEO Dale Quayle. “Defense against the insider and targeted outsider now requires the application of analytics and machine learning. With FileTrek, companies have a solution that has the intelligence to sort through the noise to find and surface the anomalies and risks that are the precursors to actual attacks.”

According to Larry Brock, President of Brock Cyber Consulting and former Chief Information Security Officer at DuPont, “FileTrek has created a new and innovative solution to help companies identify threats to their most valuable information by integrating the power of a big data approach and the insights of risk based behavioral analytics. The result is an unprecedented capability to surface the most risky threats while minimizing resource wasting false positives.”

The FileTrek Platform is available immediately. For a demo, visit FileTrek us at booth 2414 South, RSA Conference, Moscone Center, San Francisco, Feb. 24-28, 2014.

Key Features
The FileTrek Platform is designed and built around a four stage process that collects, evaluates, analyzes and investigates threats. Easy to deploy and featuring a highly intuitive graphical user interface, the solution delivers real-time risk intelligence in clear and concise reports that provide the insight needed to investigate threats or stop them prior to a breach. Enterprises including finance, life sciences, healthcare, aerospace, manufacturing and defense that create and utilize intellectual property, trade secrets, classified materials and other highly sensitive data will benefit from this solution’s unique ability to provide:

  • Real-time visibility of all events occurring across the organization: Lightweight collectors immediately capture and record meta-data in a big data warehouse with no pre-configuration required and no impact to end user devices or network traffic loads
  • On-demand investigation: Intuitive graphical interfaces provide within minutes and in plain language the information needed for person of interest and chain of custody investigation and reporting
  • Rapid and accurate threat detection: Advanced behavioral analytics linked to machine learning automatically eliminate noise, proactively surface anomalies indicative of threats and prioritize those threats based on automatically calculated risk scores.

The FileTrek platform’s pricing starts at under $50 per user. Volume discounts are available.

About FileTrek

FileTrek provides efficient and effective enterprise threat detection through comprehensive event collection, advanced behavioral analytics and precise anomaly detection. FileTrek enables companies of all sizes to eliminate the noise and false positives of existing security tools and focus limited security resources on actual threats to sensitive data assets. FileTrek’s cutting-edge solution secures intellectual property, trade secrets, classified files, and other sensitive data from accidental or intentional compromise by knowledge workers, IT administrators, contractors, and partners. FileTrek solutions are deployed to protect critical data across manufacturing, life sciences, hi-tech, finance, aerospace & defense and securities brokerage industries.

Betsy Kosheff