Interset Unveils Advanced User and Entity Behavior Analytics Solution to Detect and Surface Account Compromise and Insider Threat Detection at Splunk Worldwide User Conference

Las Vegas, NV, Sep 21, 2015 – Security science and technology leader Interset will demonstrate its third- generation, behavioral analytics-based Advanced Threat Detection Platform at the 6th Annual Splunk Worldwide next week. Interset 3 provides significant new capabilities to Splunk customers that need fast and accurate account compromise and insider threat detection. New user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) capabilities include: improved threat visibility and detection accuracy; better integration with existing Splunk and other SIEM tools; and a big data security approach that is best-in-class for ease of deployment and operation.

The Splunk Conference runs Sept. 21-24 at the MGM Grand Hotel. Schedule a one-on-one with Interset. Visit Interset at both M27 and see Interset 3 and its next-generation behavioral analytics featuring:

  • Improved deployment simplicity and ease of operations – Interset 3 can be deployed on premise in a standard Hadoop deployment or through the secure Interset Threat Analytics Cloud (I-TAC). The I-TAC deployment includes the new Interset Data Gateway, which collects, anonymizes, and secures data before it connects it to the I-TAC for deep analysis. The Interset Data Gateway also acts as a secure presentation layer for the Interset platform.
  • Greater visibility to risk – Interset combines and correlates data from Splunk, directory stores, IP repositories and endpoints with new correlation and analytic models to detect and surface compromised accounts, insider threats and IP at risk of data exfiltration.
  • Improved accuracy – New data correlation and user case-based analytics automatically identify, surface and prioritize threats while removing noise and false positives. New “account compromise” analytic models include: anomalous application usage, abnormal data access clusters, failed logins, uncharacteristic data movements, unusual volume-metric transfers and more.
  • New Threat Context Views – Customers deploying Interset 3 can instantly see with unprecedented accuracy “context views” of an attack, connecting and visualizing the actual stages of an attack as they unfold. This new view allows investigators to quickly understand the “who, what, where and how” of an attack.
  • New deep investigation search – “Investigation View” enables investigators to quickly pinpoint user, machine, file and application attack forensics and automatically export this data to Splunk and other incident response systems.

Interset’s operational automation and highly intuitive, plain language user interface presents threats, threat context and forensics in easy to understand and operationalize views that can be integrated with security operations centers and incident response systems for fast and seamless incident response.

For Splunk users, a special no cost Threat Assessment utilizing the Interset Threat Assessment Cloud and ODAP Interset Data Gateway is available for a limited time.

According to Interset CEO Dale Quayle, “Interset’s goal is to stop IP theft, and working with our deployed customers and partners like Splunk, Intel and FireEye, we have extended our platform capabilities to better detect, surface and stop attacks targeting this valuable data. Expanded capabilities include compromised account detection, richer contextual visualizations of both insider and outside attacks as they unfold, and in support of our largest deployments, operational scalability of billion plus event data feeds. Customers of ArcSight, QRadar and Splunk will especially benefit from our highly automated, accurate detection and prioritization of insider and compromised account attacks. This will eliminate the need to manually review thousands of alerts and events so security teams can focus on the greatest threats to their IP and take actions to stop attacks before data is compromised.”

About Interset
Interset provides highly intelligent, accurate insider and targeted outsider threat detection. Our solution unlocks the power of behavioral analytics, machine learning, and big data to provide the fastest, most flexible, and affordable way for IT teams of all sizes to operationalize a data-protection program. Utilizing agentless data collectors, lightweight endpoint sensors, advanced behavioral analytics, and an intuitive user interface, Interset provides unparalleled visibility into sensitive data. This enables early attack detection and actionable forensic intelligence with reduced false positives and noise. Interset solutions are deployed to protect critical data across the manufacturing, life sciences, high-tech, finance, government, intelligence communities, aerospace and defense, and securities brokerage industries. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter @intersetca.

Betsy Kosheff