Interset Awarded Critical UBA Patent

Ottawa, ON, Dec. 7, 2015 – Interset, a leader in user and entity behavioral analytics, announced it has received a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Interset was awarded this patent for its approach to calculating and assigning risk to accounts, machines, files, and digital assets based on the connected events in which they are involved. This approach is highly effective in detecting and surfacing compromised-account and insider attacks while reducing false positives. Patent No. 20,150,205,954A1, has been added to Interset’s growing intellectual property portfolio, which includes patents approved and pending in the areas of machine-learning models for time-series analysis, bot detection, threat visualization, security UX, and large-data analytical methods for threat detection.

“This patent extends Interset’s technology leadership and continues our march toward creating a platform that will stop the continuing IP theft we see in the market today,” said Dale Quayle, Interset’s CEO. “Our customers have come to understand the accuracy of machine learning and the power of risk-scoring, how it enables their security teams to focus on true threats, and how it prevents all types of attacks on sensitive data.”

Patent No. 20,150,205,954A1 recognizes and protects Interset’s ability to:

  • Use machine learning to recognize the unique, persistent relationships between events and the entities involved, such as user, file, machine, application, and asset
  • Calculate the risk level of events and associate them to entities with a weighted risk score
  • Compute a prioritized list of the riskiest accounts, machines, and files based on calculated risk
  • Aggregate and corroborate amongst multiple data sources (such as directory, repository, endpoint, netflow) to cover more threat surfaces and detect attacks faster and more accurately.

Interset’s unique combination of behavioral models and automatically tuning parameters ensure that anomalous behaviors are quickly and accurately surfaced, and that the relevant contextual event information displayed are actionable.

About Interset
Interset provides highly intelligent, accurate insider and targeted outsider threat detection. Our solution unlocks the power of behavioral analytics, machine learning, and big data to provide the fastest, most flexible, and affordable way for IT teams of all sizes to operationalize a data-protection program. Utilizing agentless data collectors, lightweight endpoint sensors, advanced behavioral analytics, and an intuitive user interface, Interset provides unparalleled visibility into sensitive data. This enables early attack detection and actionable forensic intelligence with reduced false positives and noise. Interset solutions are deployed to protect critical data across the manufacturing, life sciences, high-tech, finance, government, intelligence communities, aerospace and defense, and securities brokerage industries. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter @intersetca.

Betsy Kosheff