Interset Joins the Intel Security Innovation Alliance

Customers to Benefit From Ability to Rapidly Detect and Surface Insider Threats, Compromised Accounts, and Malicious Activities Related to Targeted Attacks

Ottawa, ON, Jan. 26, 2016 – Interset, a leading provider of behavioral analytics-based advanced threat detection, announced today that it has joined the Intel Security Innovation Alliance™ partner program. Under the Innovation Alliance program, Interset will integrate its Interset Advanced Threat Detection Platform with McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (ESM). The combined solutions enable customers to rapidly surface anomalous activities that define advanced cyber threats, apply accurate risk scoring, and deliver the contextual information needed to mitigate these threats—including compromised accounts, insider threats, and intellectual property at risk of exfiltration.

Interset’s integration with McAfee ESM enables ESM customers to take advantage of Interset’s award-winning threat analytics by viewing predicted behavioral threats with ESM for further investigation and incident response. Interset analyzes endpoint and IP repositories, such as product-line management, supply-chain management and content-management tools like SharePoint. By applying analytic models and unsupervised machine learning, Interset dynamically detects, surfaces, and connects anomalous events. These prioritized and contextually rich views in McAfee ESM reveal unfolding risks and attacks, without reliance on rules or thresholds.

According to Interset’s Chief Technology Officer Stephan Jou, Interset uses advanced math to detect and surface hidden threats showing the who, when, where, and how of an attack, as well as which data is at risk. Data events can be collected from McAfee ESM or directly from endpoints and backend repository logs. Security teams can quickly pinpoint the true threats, understand the context of the threat, and export incident forensic data into McAfee ESM for deeper investigation or legal action.

“We’re very pleased to be working with Intel and McAfee ESM to offer our customers greater coverage, accuracy, and context of impending risks and threats,” Jou said.

D.J. Long, Senior Director and Head of the Security Innovation Alliance at Intel Security, added` “Security operations teams want advanced analytics to improve identification and response to suspicious events. The integration with Interset solution allows customers to quickly pinpoint the true threats, understand the context of the threat, and export incident forensic data into McAfee ESM for deeper investigation or legal action. We believe the result will be greater protection and reduced risk.”


About Interset
Interset provides a highly intelligent and accurate insider and targeted outsider threat detection solution that unlocks the power of behavioral analytics, machine learning, and big data to provide the fastest, most flexible and affordable way for IT teams of all sizes to operationalize a data protection program. Utilizing agentless data collectors, lightweight endpoint sensors, advanced behavioral analytics, and an intuitive user interface, Interset provides unparalleled visibility over sensitive data, enabling early attack detection and actionable forensic intelligence with reduced false positives and noise. Interset solutions are deployed to protect critical data across the manufacturing, life sciences, hi-tech, finance, government, aerospace & defense, and securities brokerage industries. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter @intersetca.

Betsy Kosheff

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