Why U.S. Intelligence Agencies Are Banking on Interset

When In-Q-Tel set out to find an analytics-based threat-detection platform, it spent more than a year researching and conducting hands-on analyses of the many User Behavior Analytics products that have entered the market in recent years.

In-Q-Tel (or IQT) is the U.S. intelligence community’s venture-capital group, led by respected entrepreneurs, analysts, and technologists. They collectively represent a host of federal agencies, looking for innovative technology that will keep them at the top of their game. They are investing in the future.

After a thorough vetting by IQT, few security analytics companies lived up to their promises. But we did—in fact, we won IQT’s investment.

We take great pride in this weighty endorsement. It means that not only has Interset built a really, really good security analytics engine, but also that the U.S. intelligence community will use it to make sure another Snowden-like incident does not occur.

They appreciated that our solution is a true big-data platform. In testing, they saw it swiftly surface both compromised-account and insider attacks for several use cases. And they noticed how it vastly reduced false positives.

“Interset uniquely combines mathematics in a scalable and extensible architecture to present analysts with inherently actionable and contextually rich notifications,” says Peter Kuper, Partner, IQT Investments. “The technology is creating new opportunities…to proactively surface emerging threats from vast data sets while minimizing the investigative burden on analysts.”