Interset Goes Cyber-Hunting at Black Hat 2016

You can be certain that next week’s Black Hat conference will be crowded with UBA companies professing
similar, if vague, promises. We decided to cut to the chase, and actually show you why Interset is so effective that U.S. intelligence agencies use it.

In addition to advancing treat detection and response—by viewing events through the entities involved (machines, users, and applications)—Interset has a comprehensive cyber-hunting solution with smart-assist technology. This empowers you to proactively search for threats.

The best way to see how exceptional our security-analytics platform can be, is to see it in action. Swing by booth #1271 on Wed, August 3rd or Thurs, August 4th for a demo. We’ll help you find solutions for your enterprise’s unique security needs.

Learn More about why the U.S. intelligence community is investing in Interset’s platform.