[Webinar] Insider Threats and Inside-Out Protection

The Ponemon Institute reported that 62% of employees admit they can access company data that they probably shouldn’t.

When departing or financially motivated employees decide to surreptitiously exploit their privileges, it’s frequently more difficult to detect than an outside threat. That’s why it is important to recognize how User Behavior Analytics powered with machine learning has quickly become the most effective threat-detection tool on the market.

But how does it work? In an October 11 webinar, Interset’s Technology Strategist, Paul Reid, will join Andy Ashmar, Manager of Insider Threat Services at Leidos (which recently merged with Lockheed Martin). They’ll discuss the nuances to consider when developing a successful threat-detection program, one that surfaces breachesoriginating from both inside and outside the enterprise. They’ll also detail what a truly proactive security solution looks like, down to the paperwork: addressing an IT manager’s need for meaningful, context-rich risk reports that can be presented to executives and board members.

This one-hour event takes place Tuesday, Oct. 11 at 2 p.m. EST. Sign up for this free webinar now.