The Number of Identity Thefts This Year (So Far)

Q4 has arrived. As companies look back on 2016, they will have to ask themselves some tough questions. What was the damage done by data breaches? How much of their 2017 budgets should be invested into cybersecurity? And perhaps most relevantly, which security platform will yield them the best ROI?

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center’s latest report—which has tallied breaches affecting identity theft this year through September 27—that number has already reached 708. That translates to nearly 29 million compromised records. The nonprofit previously reported that there were 781 breaches total in 2015, which means thieves are well on their way to matching or exceeding last year’s record-setting numbers.

The ITRC also broke down the above numbers by vertical. It’s interesting to note that while business enterprises suffered more overall breaches (308) than healthcare companies (256), the actual impact on the latter was far more profound (13.6 million stolen healthcare records versus business’ 2.5 million stolen records).

In the case of government and military breaches, the fallout was even more shocking: With a relatively modest 51 breaches, thieves were able to target a whopping 12.3 million records. In other words, there’s more bang for a stolen buck when hitting government and healthcare industries.