This Week in Cybersecurity

Profound DNS outages on Friday, October 21 due a DDoS attack on Dyn’s system. (Map courtesy of

DDoS ATTACK: An attack on Dyn, a DNS provider, has created a major ripple effect of disruption impacting everything from Twitter to the New York Times. [Read More]

NCAM: Did you know that October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month? Here’s why it matters. [Read More]

THE CLINTON HACK: Shaming campaign manager John Podesta, and why smart security practices must start from the executive ranks down. [Read More]

SECURITY INVESTMENT: “Companies are no longer spending blindly on cybersecurity. Investors will have to start getting pickier as well.” [Read More]

NEW LEGISLATION: Meet the group of Texas politicians determined to move cybersecurity-related legislation through Congress. [Read More]

PHISHING: Pop quiz! “Would you click on these fake Gmail alerts?” [Read More]