Webinar: A Head Start on 2017’s Security Challenges

Effective security has grown more intricate than simply spotting breaches. So we designed a webinar to confidently prepare your enterprise for the challenges you’ll likely face in the coming year.

Join us for a webinar on December 13 at 2 p.m. EST, as Mario Daigle (Interset’s Senior Director of Products) and Paul Reid (Interset’s Senior Director of Enablement) walk you through how to more efficiently prioritize, confront, and investigate threats using the remarkable Interset 5.

Interset 5, which can integrate with existing architecture, enables security teams to catch threats originating from both inside and outside the enterprise. It does this quickly, accurately, and on an inexhaustible platform that can process terabytes of data. This is a solution that aggressively expands on user behavior analytics to address your enterprise’s unique use cases—and even empowers you to cyber-hunt.

We will show you how security analysts can finally address business and security needs at once. Because you won’t need a New Year’s resolution when you already have a tactical plan. Sign up for our webinar to learn more about Interset 5.