2016 Data Breach Report Calls Out CEOs

With a record number of thefts, comes a reality check for the C-suite

Graphic courtesy of the ITRC

The Identity Theft Resource Center, a nonprofit organization, has released its annual Data Breach report. Theft, as one would imagine is, rampant: The tally of tracked U.S. data breaches last year came in at 1,093—a new record, and a 40% growth from 2015. Business suffered the most number of breaches, but healthcare (which came in second) fell victim to the most compromised records for a second year in a row. Of the criminal activity, 72% was due to hacking, skimming, or phishing—many targeting the CEO’s email account. “In an age of an unprecedented threat,” says Vice Chair of ITRC’s Board of Directors, “business leaders need to mitigate risk by developing C-suite strategies and plans for data breach prevention, protection and resolution.”

Graph courtesy of ITRC