The Best Cybersecurity Articles This Week

Investigations and regulations are ramping up

Investigations and regulations are collectively highlighting the importance of stronger cybersecurity, notably analytics rooted in machine-learning. Here is some essential weekend reading:

Live, From New York: Financial-Services Regulations The first of their kind in the U.S., the regulations went into effect March 1. Experts anticipate that they’ll impact mid-size businesses the most. [Read More]

Why Machine Learning Matters Look past the hype—there’s a goldmine of potential in how AI-powered security analytics will transform business and security strategies. [Read More]

A Grim Update on the Yahoo Breaches The company’s general council resigned following an independent investigation into the incidents, as Yahoo now faces 43 class-action suits. [Read More]

Private Companies Should School the Feds in Security Speakers at the House Armed Services Committee hearing said “there is too much emphasis on the military and not enough on the private sector.” [Read More]

States Take the Cybersecurity Helm As partisanship muddles federal efforts, governors are uniting to establish cyberlaw and order in both public and private enterprises. [Read More]