The Best Cybersecurity Articles This Week

What we have learned from devastating data breaches

From a recent, colossal hack to three-year-old old data breach—what we’ve learned from these incidents and how we should move forward.

WikiLeaks’ Misinformation Campaign A clarification by the New York Times to its original CIA-hack story suggests that Julian Assange’s political-disruption group “seems to have a playbook for its disinformation campaigns.” [Read More]

5 Cybersecurity Truths That Companies Must Accept From purchasing a platform to post data-breach protocol. [Read More]

Big Data = Big Power “I’ll bet the rest of my professional career that the future of your business is big data and machine learning,” declared Eric Schmidt, an exec at Alphabet, Google’s parent company. [Read More]

Are Hackers Eyeing Medical Devices? As experts warn of future attacks, hospitals and manufacturers must search for solutions [Read More]

Home Depot Data-Breach Update A judge ordered the company to dramatically tighten its cybersecurity and dole out $25 million in damages to several banks, in a ruling related to its massive 2014 hack. [Read More]