The Best Cybersecurity Articles This Week

Satellite scientists, shady bankers, and nation states — the spies among us

How to move forward from what we’ve learned about the dark economics of data breaches. Your weekend reading:

NASA at the Center of a Data-Breach Lawsuit Satellite-maker Space Systems/Loral is suing its competitor Orbital ATK over an alleged proprietary-data theft by an Orbital employee working at NASA. [Read More]

Three Tips for Financial Companies to Improve Security The key is to start with a business strategy, then find a security solution that supports it [Read More]

What the Public Knows About Cybersecurity  A Pew Research Center report shows how little Internet users understand security. See the quiz they took. [Read More]

Most Companies Understate the Risk of a Cyber Incident  This, according to the latest Global Information Security Survey from EY (a.k.a. Ernst & Young) [Read More]

Infographic: Anatomy of Yahoo’s Data Breach A Federal investigation into the Internet giant’s 2014 breach exposes a Russian government-hacker alliance. [Read More]