Webinar: How to Improve Threat Visibility

Catch our discussion-demo that details how security analytics transformed a utility company's blindspots into actionable intelligence

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Threat Visibility

While listening to the security challenges of several businesses, we’ve noticed one theme that plagues almost all of them: visibility. Thresholds and rules are simply falling short in threat detection. These companies need eyes throughout their networks—throughout their enterprises.

A major U.S. utility company, for instance, came to us frustrated with sorting through dispatched false-positives, while failing to see legitimate threats. By ultimately uniting their SIEM and big-data lake with security analytics, they surmounted those issues.

That’s the focus of our new webinar, “Security Analytics and Big Data Create Accurate Threat Visibility,” which takes place on April 11 at 2 p.m. EST. The chat and demo will feature Interset’s CTO, Stephan Jou, its Deployment Architect, Paul Reid. It will focus on how:

• Dashboards and entity-risk views enhance threat visibility
• Advanced analytics accurately detect and prioritize threats
• Unified validation, investigation, and response improve operational efficiency
• Integrated security analytics, SIEM, big-data architecture, Elasticsearch, and Kibana create a highly effective proactive threat-detection platform

From scalable architecture to actionable intelligence, this webinar will show how big-data analytics informs business-security strategy. Register now for the webinar.

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