An Update on the Interset x McAfee Partnership

As McAfee spins off from Intel into its own company, our collaboration grows even stronger

Interset’s ongoing partnership with McAfee has proven as fruitful as it is formidable. We’ve integrated our accurate threat-detection platform with contextual data from McAfee’s Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) and with their Data Exchange Layer (DXL) to achieve swift, precise security. Together, we’ve instilled confidence: Businesses come to us as a trusted solution for quick results and actionable intelligence.

We’re equally proud of McAfee’s more recent milestone: announcing that it has officially become an independent company. The new McAfee is now jointly owned by majority investor TPG, a private-equity company, and Intel (which will retain a 49% stake), in a deal reportedly valued at $4.2 billion.

“We spin out today to become…one of the largest standalone security companies globally,” Gavin Struthers, McAfee’s global SVP and Asia Pacific president, told CNBC. “So we’re very excited.” We join McAfee in this celebration—and look forward to continued innovation in the security space through our ongoing partnership.