How Business Drives Security (and Vice Versa)

A look at the Enterprise Strategy Group's annual "IT Spending Intentions Survey," and what companies can learn from it

business of IT security

The Enterprise Strategy Group (or ESG) recently released its annual report, which this year asked 641 IT and cybersecurity professionals from around the world—and in several industries—how their companies invest in infosec. We learned that although 53% of the companies expect to increase IT spending this year, there is often the expectation that cybersecurity should also strengthen the overall business.

See some key findings from the report in the chart, below.

This goal has been enabled by the growing number (29%, according to this poll) that are investing in security analytics. These holistic solutions, especially when equipped with automated machine learning, are now competing with network (39%) or endpoint (30%) products. Growing knowledge of, or experience with, risk-visibility limitations in those tools—as well as in SIEM systems—should continue to drive businesses towards analytics.

Additionally, the nagging dearth of skilled security professionals may ultimately lead companies towards solutions that can be quickly deployed without expertise. And as enterprises feel more pressure from executive teams and board members, so, too, will they find lifelines in security platforms which yield actionable intelligence that grows the company—and doesn’t require a translator.

In today’s cybersecurity, speedy threat detection is just as significant as enterprise dexterity.

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