The Best Cybersecurity Articles This Week

The government gets tough on WikiLeaks, as enterprises get creative with 'bug bounty-hunters' and 'cyber ninjas.'

Water Utility Cyber Ninja

Cyber-criminals are getting sneakier, but business are getting smarter. Your weekend reading:

U.S. Prepares Charges Against Julian Assange According to CNN’s sources, the Justice Department has been investigating Assange and WikiLeaks since 2010, when they posted files stolen by Chelsea Manning. [Read More]

Should Your Company Hire Bug Bounty-Hunters? From Apple to the Department of Defense, organizations are turning to “good” hackers to find vulnerabilities. [Read More]

How Business Drives Security (And Vice Versa) A look at the Enterprise Strategy Group’s annual “IT Spending Intentions Survey,” and what companies can learn from it. [Read More]

This Is How Easy It is to Deploy Ransomware A Russian-based user has been advertising a $175 ransomeware service on message boards, geared at amateur hackers. [Read More]

Utilities and Government Create a ‘Cyber-Ninja’ Force It’s a work in progress: In case of emergency, it’d dispatch IT professionals to help with incident-response efforts. [Read More]