The Best Cybersecurity Articles This Week

Hackers model ransomware after hamburgers, and Trump wants cyber defense in the cloud

Hamburger Hackers

Executive orders, Big Macs, and China. Your weekend reading:

Executive Order Puts Onus of Cybersecurity on Federal Agencies Also, Trump wants to move government cyber defense to the cloud. [Read More]

AML in the Age of Cybersecurity Compliance in finance is getting complicated. But there is an upside. [Read More]

The Ransomware That’s Scaled on the Big Mac Index “Fatboy” adjusts its ransom to exchange rates to maximize its booty. [Read More]

Manufacturing’s Secret and Lies Increasing numbers of hackers are banking on employee access to valuable information [Read More]

U.S. Intelligence Officials Says Kremlin Cyber Interference Will Get Worse The yearly worldwide threat assessment refers to Russia’s “aggressive cyberposture.” [Read More]