The Best Cybersecurity Articles This Week

Vladimir Putin on Edward Snowden, China's cryptic new security law, and other can't-miss stories

Vladimir Putin Oliver Stone
image courtesy of Showtime

A view of cybersecurity around the world. Your weekend reading:

See a Preview of Oliver Stone’s “The Putin Interviews” In the four-part Showtime docu-series (which debuts June 12), Putin says, “Snowden is not a traitor. He didn’t betray the interests of his country, nor did he transfer any information to any other country.” [Read More]

Half-Year Report: How Bad Have Data Breaches Gotten in 2017? Business is the most compromised industry, while theft in finance is surging. [Read More]

GOP Congressman Drafts “Revenge Hacking” Legislation If passed, victims could retaliate against their attacker, making this the first legal form of computer intrusion. [Read More]

China’s Mysterious New Cybersecurity Laws “Companies worry that parts of the new law, which takes effect on Thursday, will make their operations in China less secure or more expensive.” [Read More]

Infographic: Cybersecurity Readiness In a new study (below), 50% of companies say they feel good about their defenses. [Read More]


infographic courtesy of Tech Pro Research