The Week in Review: Cybersecurity News

Malware is everywhere. Threats against energy grow very serious. And the Girl Scouts get into cybersecurity.

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All the important stories you may have missed, in one place:

All About Industroyer, Energy’s Scariest Malware It’s automated, tenacious, and really good at hiding. [Read More]

NSA Links the WannaCry Attack to the North Korean Government Also interesting: It impacted 150 countries, but raised merely $140,000 in bitcoin. [Read More]

There’s an Increase in Cyberthreats on Canadian Elections This is according to the country’s “electronic spy agency.” [Read More]

CPAs Should Be Part of Your Risk-Management Team Cybersecurity takes a village. Here’s why that village now includes your accountant. [Read More]

Healthcare Company Fined for Slow Breach Disclosure The New York attorney general penalized CoPilot, an administration service, after it waited one year to notify patients of a data breach. [Read More]

Have You Heard of Ethereum? It’s now the second most popular cryptocurrency, after bitcoin. [Read More]

The Girl Scouts to Offer Cybersecurity Badges “The older girls really want hackathons,” its CEO says. [Read More]