The Week in Review: Cybersecurity News

The solution to security-alert fatigue. Senators get vocal about grid security. Data-breach costs up in the U.S.

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All the important stories you may have missed, in one place:

How to Fix Security-Alert Overload The technology exists to remedy alert fatigue. So why aren’t more companies using it? [Read More]

Why Are Tech Firms Sharing Cyber-Secrets With Russia? Authorities are reviewing source code for Western security products before permitting imports into Russia. [Read More]

Senators Pressure White House for DOE Grid Analysis Amid election-interference accusations, fears mount that Russia may try to disrupt America’s power supply. [Read More]

China’s Sneak Attack Steadily increasing Asian investment in American start-ups—especially those pioneering artificial intelligence—is spooking the U.S. government. [Read More]

Data Firm Hired by the RNC Faces Class-Action Suit The company, Deep Root, compromised personal information for 61% of the U.S. population after failing to password-protect its cloud. [Read More]

Meanwhile, in Mexico… The government faces accusations that it’s been illegally targeting critical activists and reporters through spyware. [Read More]

Breach Costs Down Globally, Up in America “Decentralized regulation in the U.S. is a burden. With privacy laws differing across 48 states, companies spend much of their time and resources notifying consumers.” [Read More]