5 Startling Facts From McAfee's Threat Report

The study focuses on the omnipotence of malware attacks and how creative they are getting

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Did you know that thus far this year, there have been 244 threats each minute? That’s more than 4 per second. These disturbing statistics come from the new McAfee Lab Threats Report, which creates a vivid picture of just how covert security incidents have become.

Here are 5 key things we learned from the malware-centric report:

  1. Though generally safer from attacks than PCs, Mac attacks are rapidly rising: a 53% uptick, to be specific.
  2. The popularity of Fareit, the password-stealing malware made famous by its role in the Democratic National Committee breach, is indicative of password theft becoming a more common target.
  3. Steganography, or hiding “secret messages in seemingly benign objects,” is currently in a growth spurt. In these attacks, hackers hide malicious data (often in TCP/IP headers) in images, audio tracks, video clips, or text files.
  4. New strains of malware increased by 22% over the past year.
  5. Android smartphones are a huge target, accounting for 9 out of 10 mobile-phone attacks.

Full disclosure: McAfee is an Interset partner. We integrate our threat-detection platform with contextual data from McAfee’s Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) and with their Data Exchange Layer (DXL) to achieve swift, precise coverage and actionable results. McAfee Labs’ research is a valuable reminder of the critical need for enterprise-wide risk visibility, which our partnership has successfully pioneered.

Image courtesy of McAfee (click for the entire infographic)