The Week in Review: Cybersecurity News

The financial impact of malware, Verizon's latest breach, new findings from McAfee's threat report

cybersecurity news

All the important stories you may have missed, in one place:

5 Startling Facts From McAfee’s Threat Report The study focuses on the omnipotence of malware attacks and how creative they are getting. [Read More]

Moscow and D.C. to Create a Joint Cybersecurity Group This, according to reports from a Russian news agency, backing up Trump’s claim that he and Putin discussed such a partnership at G20. [Read More]

Verizon Hit With a Large Data Breach And this one has nothing to do with Yahoo. [Read More]

IT vs. Cybersecurity Understanding the distinction is imperative to building a healthy enterprise-security posture. [Read More]

Impact of Malware on One Company’s Earnings In addition to lost revenue, shares fell as much as 3.4 percent. [Read More]

The Three Security Jobs That Are Most in Demand Penetration testers is one of them. [Read More]