The Week in Review: Cybersecurity News

How hacks are impacting healthcare companies, the rise of CaaS do-it-yourself malware kits, developers rejoice as Flash gets phased out

Flash CaaS malware healthcare

All the important stories you may have missed, in one place:

The IoT and Healthcare’s State of Emergency Organizations have adopted IoT technologies to cut costs. Now it’s time to consider the cybersecurity that can protect them as business investments, too. [Read More]

‘Good’ Hackers Cash in on the Security Job Shortage One bug hunter pulled in more than $500,000 in bounties last year. [Read More]

Pharma-Giant Merck Will Report Losses in Wake of Cyber Attack The Not Petya attack in June haulted its production of drugs. [Read More]

Infamous Hacker Reveals How He Created Fake Identities The man previous know as The Condor talks about Interset safety and privacy. [Read More]

Cyberattacks Spike, Thanks to Crimeware Services Dark-web opportunists are creating do-it-yourself hacking kits. This is what your enterprise can do to thwart them. [Read More]

The Wi-Fi Chip Bug That Can Invisibly Hack Into a Billion Devices The Broadcom chip module helps power every iPhone and most modern Androids. [Read More]

Adobe Flash Has Started Its Death March CISOs and developers alike are happy to see the software, riddled with security issues, phased out. [Read More]