The Week in Review: Cybersecurity News

Equifax stock tumbles amid Senate outrage, hackers leap closer towards grid control, understanding Advanced Persistent Threats, the human connection to artificial intelligence

Equifax Breach Identity Theft

All the important stories you may have missed, in one place:

Equifax Stock Plummets in Wake of Senate Outrage Dozens of senators are demanding SEC, DOJ, and FTC investigations in wake of Equifax employees selling stock just days after learning of a data breach. The consumer-credit agency’s stocks fell 15% on Wednesday alone. [Read More]

Hackers Gain Access to Grid Power Controls During spring and summer of this year, a hacker group targeted dozens of unnamed energy companies, gaining operational access to critical infrastructure. [Read More]

What’s an APT? A favorite of adversarial nation states, these threats are one of the most data-rich heists that a hacking group can pull off. [Read More]

Identity-Theft Victims on the Aftereffect of a Breach Consumers recount stories that required months and years of vigilance. [Read More]

How AI Can Help, and Not Replace, Humans Artificial intelligence, such as machine learning, is helpful in analyzing large swaths of data. But we’ll still need humans to problem-solve. [Read More]


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