The Week in Review: Cybersecurity News

SEC breached, why hackers love compromised accounts, AI as security amplifier, New York doubles down (again) on data protection

enterprise SEC data breach

All the important stories you may have missed, in one place:

The SEC Has Suffered a Breach Officials say it did not compromise SEC operations, though investigations are ongoing. [Read More]

Why Hackers Love Compromised Accounts Countless record-setting data breaches started with this type of identity theft — which is so common, because it’s so effective. [Read More]

New Weapons to Counter Cybersecurity Threats “In terms of cybersecurity, machine learning and AI can act as a force amplifier.” [Read More]

What It Means to Have a Culture of Cybersecurity Basically, enterprises need all hands on deck for this to work. [Read More]

In Wake of the Equifax Breach, New York Proposes Rules for Credit Reporting The state’s “groundbreaking” data-protection rules for the finance industry may get even more stringent. [Read More]

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