'Together Is Power' is Security's New Mantra

The concept behind McAfee's upcoming MPOWER conference drives home the need to embrace big data, human-machine teaming, and strategic partnerships

MPOWER McAfee cybersecurity partner

The yearly McAfee conference is less than two weeks away. It has a new name this year (“MPOWER”), and the conference’s slogan—“Together Is Power”—is what our industry needs right now. At Interset, we share these sentiments and manifest them in how we work with our customers and partners.

“Together Is Power” lies at the heart of how Interset delivers security analytics. It starts from combining multiple data sources, which creates contextual awareness of security. In leveraging multiple data sources, no single activity makes a behavior risky. Rather, it is a combination of actions taken in context that creates risky behavior.

Together is power by enabling true human-machine teaming. Interset generates a list of actionable security leads that will help focus scarce cyberthreat resources. By enabling the threat hunter to have a solid starting point to investigate a possible threat, their productivity increases, attacker dwell time decreases, and the overall threat posture of the organization improves.

Together is also power with McAfee and Interset’s partnership. Interset is proud to be a member of McAfee’s Security Innovation Alliance, teaming with them to integrate McAfee products with Interset’s analytics. Leveraging these results allows McAfee products like ePO and MAR to respond to emerging threats, empowering our joint customers.

Interset likewise integrates with McAfee ESM to ingest centralized and normalized data sources, as a basis for behavioral analytics. This goes beyond our partnership with them: McAfee has provided the industry a standard way to share information in real time with Data Exchange Layer (DXL). In leveraging and integrating with DXL, Interset can integrate with other DXL-enabled products without the need to exchange APIs ahead of time. Open DXL allows not just the industry to create DXL-enabled solutions, but the end-customer as well.

This year’s MPOWER conference will no doubt hold new and exciting opportunities for our joint customers and partners to further secure us from our daily cyber threats.

Meet us at MPOWER, Oct 17-19 at Las Vegas’ Aria Hotel & Casino. You can also schedule a one-on-one meeting with us.