Here’s How Interset and McAfee’s New Joint Solution Works

The combined technology is remarkably innovative. And it delivers a focused result: to provide a list of prioritized leads to accelerate security teams' efforts.

McAfee Interset Joint Solution

Security analytics give cyberhunters radical advantages in containing cyberthreats. Powered by dynamic machine learning, Interset distills billions of real-time events into a prioritized list of high-risk entities. This, in turn, is sent back to the McAfee product ecosystem to focus cyberhunting efforts on actionable, high-value threats.

For the first time, a security team can have a measured response to a measured threat. Those measured responses can be leveraged:

  • Inside of McAfee Enterprise Security Manager SIEM for prioritization and investigation
  • Inside of McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator® (ePO) software to set active and passive tags on the relative entities
  • Through McAfee Active Response reactions for remediation
  • Inside of the Interset Security Analytics Platform for in-depth investigation

The combination of these solutions delivers human-machine threat-hunting for a force-multiplying productivity gain in cybersecurity defense.

Download the Full McAfee-Interset Solution Brief