The Week in Review: Cybersecurity News

Bad Rabbit and the malware/ransomware explosion, a price list of dark-web offerings, CFOs and cybersecurity, AI helping security teams

Ransomware Cyberattack Bad Rabbit

All the important stories you may have missed, in one place:

A Cybercrime Price List Courtesy of Fortune magazine, the price of everything: from what attack tools cost to how much you can earn selling stolen data. [Read More]

How AI Can Help You Stay Ahead of Cybersecurity Threats Bottom line: They help understaffed security teams work more efficiently. [Read More]

“Bad Rabbit” Cyberattack Hits Ukraine, Russia, and More It’s this year’s third major global ransomware attack. [Read More]

Why Are There So Many Types of Malware? A cyber explainer… [Read More]

Cybersecurity and the CFO “Senior-management time and attention was identified as the single biggest driver of maturity in managing cybersecurity risks—more important than company size, sector and resources provided.” [Read More]

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