If You're in Oil or Gas, You Won't Want to Miss This

Interset's CTO, Stephan Jou, will be at the API Cybersecurity Conference offering solutions to protect critical infrastructure. Here's a preview of his talk.

API oil gas cybersecurity

Earlier this year, the Harvard Business Review observed that for too long, enterprises have tended to “treat cybersecurity as a finite problem that can be solved, rather than as the ongoing process that it is.” This idea is rapidly transforming how companies now invest in threat-detection products.

The need for security that shape-shifts with threats is particularly important to oil and gas companies, challenged with protecting critical infrastructure for purposes of both enterprise business and “civilian” quality of life. With this in mind, Interset CTO Stephan Jou will be on hand at the upcoming API Cybersecurity Conference to contribute to the “External Threat Detection & Data Analytics for Cybersecurity—Machine Centric Analysis” discussion (November 7 at 2:30 p.m.).

Presenting five relevant case studies, he’ll show you how machine-learning analytics technology has eliminated false security alerts and dramatically accelerated threat-response time, while offering meaningful risk intelligence. You’ll also learn how enterprises can achieve rapid cybersecurity deployment and detection with little maintenance. Ultimately, this is technology that will transform how we protect networks, grids, as well as other critical infrastructure.

In addition to catching this machine-learning event, you can also visit Interset throughout the API conference at booth #308.

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