The Week in Review: Cybersecurity News

Executives + cybersecurity: Vanguard's CEO points to hackers as top concern, selling execs on better tech, a board member on cyber-risk management, and more

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All the important stories you may have missed, in one place:

Vanguard Exec’s Biggest Fear: Getting Hacked The incoming CEO of Vanguard, manager of nearly $5 trillion, says cybersecurity keeps him up at night. [Read More]

How to Sell Cybersecurity to Your Executive Team Despite ominous headlines, they’re prioritizing other enterprise expenses. [Read More]

Why Watering Hole Cyberattacks Are More Popular Than You Think Now that social engineering has become hackers’ favorite infiltration tactic, many are adding watering hole scams to their bag of tricks. [Read More]

One Board Member on Cybersecurity and Risk Management James Lam has previously been the Chief Risk Officer at GE Capital Markets Services and Fidelity Investments. [Read More]

China Tests the Limits of Its U.S. Hacking Truce The countries signed an agreement in 2015 to protect private enterprises. But researchers say they’ve recently seen signs of China trying to steal corporate intel. [Read More]

Don’t let your company become a news headline. Interset’s CTO walks you through the myths and realities of using AI-powered security analytics to stop cyberattacks —> Learn More