Big Data + InfoSec: Truth, Lies, and Fairy Tales. Join us at IANS.

Find out where the truth lies when it comes to big data, machine learning, and security analytics

IANS big-data cybersecurity

In the age of digital transformation, big data and machine learning are on the path forward in multiple aspects of enterprise operations, including cybersecurity. But what is actually needed to make it work? Magical data scientists who can wave a wand to suddenly solve all your problems? Vast server farms storing terabytes of data? What’s the difference between big-data storage and big-data compute? And why does it matter?  (Hint: It’s related to unsupervised machine learning.)

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to accelerated threat detection and response with big data and machine learning. Learn to judge for yourself where the truth lies when it comes to making big-data analytics work for better security outcomes.

Join us in IANS Charlotte on Nov 6-7  at the Charlotte Convention Center (Charlotte, N.C.) to learn more about big data, machine learning, and how you build a scalable security-analytics architecture that can distill billions of events into focused threat leads to optimize SOC team efforts.