Did You Find the Hidden Image?

The answer was: "We (Heart) Big Data!"

Stereogram Contest

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first stereogram context last week!  

As we explained in our blog, “Stereograms and Intrusion Detection: Finding the Hidden Entity,” the noise we see in the image reflects the normal state of our security data, and the hidden image reflects the change in signal caused by a potential threat. As security analytics remove the noise, the threat hunter is given a much better idea of where the threat is. And once we know where the threat is, it can be identified, contained, and corrected.

Not everyone can see the hidden 3D image in a stereogram. Similarly, not everyone is able to see hidden threats even when they’re given the same data to start with. This is exactly where Interset can help. Although we have access to the same data our customers do, we can surface meaningful insights that they cannot see themselves and accelerate threat detection.  

Without further ado, on to the image and the winner! The hidden image in our stereogram was “We (heart) Big Data.” And we really do! Our security analytics platform is built on a big data technology platform consisting of Apache NiFi, Kafka, HBASE, Phoenix, Spark, and a few more pieces that together result in a security analytic platform upon which advanced machine learning models can be run.

While we had many submissions, we could only select one winner. Congratulations to Raquel B!  

Stay tuned for our next contest coming up during RSA 2018 April 16-19.