Interset on CBC News: Canada Bolsters Investment in Cybersecurity

CBC News’ “On the Money” features Interset as Canada decides on federal budget allocation for cyber defense.

The Canadian government announced the much-anticipated federal budget for 2018 this week, and a whopping $750 million of federal spending is being allocated for cybersecurity, according to CBC News. First reported last week, the increased investment is aimed at bolstering Canada’s cyber defense as well as promoting and encouraging collaboration between the federal government and Canadian tech companies.

As the budget details were being negotiated, last week’s rumors of this substantial boost in cybersecurity investment (initially predicted to be around $1 billion) piqued the public’s interest in what Canadian tech companies are doing in the security space. Ahead of this week’s final budget announcement, CBC News spoke with Interset’s very own CTO, Stephan Jou, to learn more about the state of cybersecurity and how AI security analytics can improve the odds in the favor of security vendors and the government.

Check out the segment on CBC News’ “On the Money” here:

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