Interset Enables 10X Faster Threat Detection With Customizable Machine Learning You Control

Model Builder allows security teams to customize Interset’s machine learning algorithms in minutes without data science skills.

Ottawa, ON, Apr. 17, 2018Interset, a security analytics company, today announced Model Builder, a breakthrough capability in the Interset threat detection platform that allows security practitioners to build custom use cases by assembling pre-built machine learning models—without requiring any data science expertise. In an easy-to-use, graphical interface, customers can select the analytical building blocks that are best suited for their environments. This accelerates security operations and defense strategies, ultimately enabling ten times faster threat detection.

AI, and AI applications like machine learning, can be a powerful tool in cybersecurity as it helps to analyze vast quantities of data, adapt to rapidly-changing threats and identify vulnerabilities in the enterprise. According to Forrester Research, 34 percent of data and analytics decision makers at companies currently using or planning to implement AI do so to mitigate security risks.¹ But every enterprise has a unique security ecosystem, which creates different scenarios for cyberattacks. “Security pros have gotten to know the ‘personalities’ of their threat surfaces and, over time, understand cause and effect that leads to problems,” writes the firm in a report.

Interset’s Model Builder empowers enterprises to make AI and machine learning their own in just a matter of minutes. Customers can leverage an ever-growing library of more than 400 machine learning models to support custom use cases without the need for coding or difficult-to-find data science expertise. Model Builder enables much higher productivity with an easy-to-use user interface (UI) that resembles the security and event information management (SIEM) systems with which security practitioners are already familiar. These systems are optimized by Interset’s security analytics platform as rigid rules and thresholds are replaced by Interset’s unsupervised machine learning, which can automatically adapt to changing environments and threats.  

“Traditional security analytics solutions are not one-size-fits-all. Every organization is unique, which means that the data science behind these solutions has to be able to adapt to vastly different scenarios,” said Mark Smialowicz, CEO at Interset. “Up until now, customers have had to rely on limited, resource-intensive methods to make machine learning work for their specific needs. Instead of wrestling prescriptive and static rules or commissioning data science consultants, Model Builder allows security teams to customize and use Interset’s dynamic and adaptive machine learning models to protect their enterprise faster and more effectively.”

Interset is demoing Model Builder and discussing the latest advancements in AI and security analytics at RSA Conference 2018 in San Francisco at booth no. 2330 in the Moscone Center South Expo Hall.

Interset Model Builder


  • Interset Model Builder will be available in beta in Q2 2018.

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