Signal Within the Noise: Did You Find the Hidden Image?

See what was hidden in the noise of our 2018 RSA Conference stereogram!

The answer was: “Now Matters”

Thank you to everyone who participated in our second stereogram contest during RSA 2018! We had a lot of interest both online and at the booth, but there can only be one winner.

In our blog, “Stereograms and Intrusion Detection: Finding the Hidden Entity,” we explained that the “noise” we see in the stereogram reflects the normal state of our security data, and the hidden image reflects the change in signal caused by a potential threat. As security analytics removes the noise, the threat hunter is given a much better idea of the nature and location of the threat. Once we know where the threat is, it can be identified, contained, and corrected.

Not everyone can see the hidden 3D image in a stereogram. Similarly, not everyone is able to see extract the hidden threats within their network: insiders may be exfiltrating data, infected machines may be running unauthorized programs, web servers may be connecting to nefarious sites. There is a vast amount of data to analyze and Interset augments existing security systems and helps focus on the threats that matter.

Without further ado, on to the image and the winner! The hidden image in our stereogram was “Now Matters”, inside a magnifying glass.

Congratulations to Marie S!  Thank you very much to everyone for your participation! To learn more about our experience at RSA 2018, check out our recap blog here.  

Stereogram contest collage