Interset Contest for Black Hat USA 2018: What Hidden 3D Image Do You See?

Tell us the correct answer for a chance to win a $100 prize!

Our third stereogram contest for the year is now open for entries!

For those who may not be familiar, a stereogram produces an illusion of depth perception that reveals a hidden 3D image. These were quite popular in the 1990s, and you may know it by another name: Magic Eye. As a company that helps reveal hidden endpoint threats often obscured from view due to competing security events and alerts, a stereogram is an appropriate representation of what Interset does.

For a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card, tell us what hidden 3D message—words and image—you see in the image below. Hint: Stay safe at Black Hat USA so you don’t become part of the herd.

Interset Black Hat Stereogram Contest

Enter to win now through August 9th by submitting your answer via our form. Get an extra entry by reposting one of our stereogram social media posts with the hashtags #IntersetAI and #rulessuck. Correct entries will be entered into a raffle and the winner will be chosen and announced via social media the following week. Good luck!