Revealing Hidden Threats at Black Hat USA 2018

Augmenting endpoints, SIEMs, and DLPs with UEBA.

Last week, our team had the opportunity to meet with many folks at the 21st Black Hat USA conference in Las Vegas.

Observations from the show floor

Rules Suck StickerOn the show floor in the Black Hat Business Hall—in the foyer lobby, to be specific—our team had some great conversations about insider threats, endpoint threat detection, and how rules cannot match the variety of permutations and combinations that can be generated by attackers. Interset’s threat detection platform uses behavioral analytics and unsupervised machine learning instead of rules and thresholds to detect anomalies—hence the “Rules Suck” slogan. The “Rules Suck” sticker represents thinking outside the box and enabling security teams to do more with the resources they have and removing the reliance on rules and thresholds to detect threats. While rules have their place, they cannot adapt to the dynamic environment of ever-changing attacks, such as fileless malware or zero-day threats.

Visitors to our booth collected our popular “Rules Suck” stickers and shirts and saw short demos of guided endpoint threat investigation with Interset. If you missed it, you can see a sample demo here.

Black Hat 2018
Attendees visit the Interset booth at Black Hat 2018 in Las Vegas.
Off the show floor

Outside the show, we noticed a topic that resonated with many attendees and vendors: the well-being of our people. The industry is not keeping quiet about mental health stressors anymore, and rightfully so. Cybersecurity is known for its intensity and chaos, and job-related stress and anxiety are becoming unavoidable points of discussion in our industry—so much so that the topic of mental health made its way front-and-center at Black Hat this year. Cybersecurity professionals operate in a fast-paced, high-risk environment where burnout (understandably) runs rampant. Axios cybersecurity reporter Joe Uchill shared a great recap of the issue prior to this year’s show. The topic raises an important question: How can we curb stress and burnout? Technology cannot replace humans in our industry, but it’s in our best interest as cybersecurity defenders to ensure that our people are armed with technology that can simplify their work and minimize alert fatigue.

Stereogram contest winner

Congratulations to the $100 Amazon gift card winner of our third stereogram contest, Darren S! The hidden message was “Wall of Sheep,” as pictured below. Every year, attendees who don’t practice safe computing and fail to secure their network during Black Hat and DEF CON are highlighted by a group of hackers known as the Wall of Sheep.

The hidden 3D image in our Black Hat 2018 stereogram.
What’s next?

We’re already looking forward to Black Hat next year, but we have many exciting events happening before August 2019. Coming up next, we invite you to our webinar on September 19th: Supercharging Security with Behavioral Analytics. Interset will be joined by special guest Joseph Blankenship, principal analyst at Forrester, for a discussion on how to boost the IQ of your security arsenal with behavioral analytics to find insider threats, fileless malware, and data breaches.

Spots will fill up quickly, so be sure to register now!