Optimizing UEBA for the Cloud

TechTarget explores the evolution of UEBA and growing need for analytics in the cloud

The price tag associated with keeping your business safe can quickly skyrocket when you’re deploying resource-heavy systems. As in other areas of IT, the cloud has come to the rescue as avenues for cost savings in cybersecurity, and we’re seeing similar demand and opportunity when it comes to behavioral analytics used for surfacing threats in a big-data environment. UEBA itself is becoming increasingly popular for increasing the visibility of risk across the enterprise, and Interset is excited to be on the frontline of innovation with bringing this capability to customers in flexible and economical ways through a cloud-first approach.

Ultimately, real cost saving doesn’t just happen when a solution is deployed in the cloud; where you’ll see a true difference is when a solution is optimized for the cloud. Interset CTO Stephan Jou recently had a chance to chat with TechTarget editor Kathleen Richards about the evolution of UEBA, sharing his perspectives on developing cloud-native UEBA, analytics for the endpoint data, and customizable models.

Check out the article and let us know your own thoughts on this up-and-coming trend!

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