Interset 5.7: Boosting Time-to-mission with Cloud-native UEBA

Less cost and less complexity gives you easier, faster threat detection.

Remember when cloud was a new thing? It seems like only yesterday.

But these days, most of my personal stuff is in the cloud: my music, my movies, and TV shows. Even my cable TV recordings are in the cloud.

It definitely feels like cloud has matured through Gartner’s Trough of Disillusionment and is either in the Slope of Enlightenment or Plateau of Productivity. I know that I am definitely a more productive person because of how I use the cloud.

However, in the context of cybersecurity, cloud adoption has been a bit slower. That’s hardly surprising when you think about the brave souls who work in cybersecurity. For security folks, sending precious logs to the cloud can feel like a massive leap of faith.

But that’s changing. And fast.

Over the past two years, we’ve seen a massive shift in appetite for CISOs and CIOs for cloud solutions. The majority used to be resistant to the idea, but that’s no longer the case.

Why is that? Cost is a driver for sure, but speed also plays a role. I keep hearing the expression time-to-mission. If you can enable a technology without having to go through the capital acquisition process, procure the actual hardware, hire additional people to manage that hardware, etc., you accelerate time-to-mission. And these days, that’s critical.

This is why we started to invest heavily in cutting-edge cloud technology, starting with Interset 5.7. The newest update of our security analytics platform is the first to use cloud-native services that allow our customers to cut down on the compute cost and complexity typically associated with managing servers. (Make sure to check out the announcement!) Less cost. Less complexity. Same powerful analytics.

It will lower costs, but it also boosts speed. With the flexibility of the cloud, customers can start detecting hidden threats within their enterprise more quickly.

We’ve also made some cool operational improvements to streamline collaboration among security teams, as well as extensibility enhancements that ultimately allow organizations to get even more value out of our product. New capabilities like a reporting microservice mean that our customers can easily embed Interset into their existing ecosystems so that security teams to do their jobs without interruption.

We’re incredibly excited about Interset 5.7, and I encourage you to reach out to us to learn more about how the latest version of our software can help you protect your business’s critical data.

Time to Mission!