Join Interset at the Micro Focus Cybersecurity Summit

Experience three days of action-packed sessions on best practices, solution deep dives, and success stories.

Next week, the Interset team will join the Micro Focus Cybersecurity Summit for the first time! We are thrilled to have the opportunity to join our new Micro Focus colleagues, partners, and customers in Dallas, Texas, for three days of focused conversations on cybersecurity best practices, solution roadmaps, and success stories.

Attendees can expect to see a full lineup of breakout sessions led by various Interset security experts, including myself, VP of Product Mario Daigle, VP of Customer Success Wayne Watson, and Technology Strategist Paul Reid. Attendees will also get a chance to do a deep dive into Interset’s user and entity behavioral analytics (UEBA) engine in a technical walkthrough hosted by Director of Field Operations Jay Lillie.

I’m particularly excited to host two sessions on Wednesday, June 12, dedicated to introducing attendees to the fundamentals of data science and the role it can play in effectively detecting security threats. Between these two sessions—Data Science 101 and 201—I will outline the people, processes, and technology required for successful anomaly detection, explore key examples of Interset’s anomaly detection models, and step through the application of data science in concrete case studies. I encourage you to attend both of these sessions as they will lay a great foundation for Interset’s other sessions at the Summit, which will dive deeper into machine learning in cybersecurity and explore more real-world customer success stories, including an exceptional example of detecting a nation-state-level Red Team attack using behavioral analytics.

Also, be sure to swing by to say “Hi!” to me and the other speakers; it’s always fantastic to get the opportunity to delve deeper into your organization’s specific security needs one-on-one. You can also schedule a meeting to chat with us at the Summit. I look forward to seeing you at the show!  

Read more about our Cybersecurity Summit sessions on the Micro Focus Security Blog, and contact us to schedule a meeting at the Summit.  

Cybersecurity Summit Schedule
Interset sessions at the 2019 Micro Focus Cybersecurity Summit in Dallas, Texas.