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Supercharging Insider Threat Detection in the SOC

Having a focused and intentional insider threat program can make a huge difference in a company’s preparedness to detect, investigate, and respond to related incidents.

Best Practices for ML in the SOC

Machine Learning in the SOC—Part 3: Best Practices for Success

If you do your homework, apply a layered approach, and empower your SOC team, machine learning can significantly transform your SecOps.

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Micro Focus SecOps

Machine Learning in the SOC—Part 2: Identify Your Use Cases

In order to select the right tool for the job, it’s critical to understand the problem that you’re trying to solve.

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Stephan Jou ML In the SOC

Machine Learning in the SOC—Part 1: Speed Up Your SecOps

Interset CTO Stephan Jou explores how machine learning can supercharge your security operations center (SOC).

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Security News Survey – October 25, 2019

Security News Survey – October 25, 2019

This week, we look at two security vendor data breaches and an unsecured database compromising hotel customers and U.S. government personnel.

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ML video series social image

The 4-1-1 on SecOps and Machine Learning

Our new video series explores how to supercharge your security operations with machine learning.

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Security News Survey - October 11, 2019

Security News Survey – October 11, 2019

This week, we look at data breaches impacting a New Zealand primary health organization, TransUnion Canada, and one of Russia’s largest banks.

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Insider Threat NCSAM

NCSAM: The Insider Threat to Cybersecurity

As we observe another National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, it’s critical to remember one of the key threats to enterprise security: insider threats.

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Data Science 101 feature image

An Introduction to Cybersecurity Data Science

Understand the basics of people, process, and technology required to have an effective data science implementation within your organization.

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Security News Survey - September 26, 2019

Security News Survey – September 26, 2019

This week, we look at the DoorDash data breach, an international recommitment to cybersecurity, and new resources for healthcare cybersecurity.

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Security News Survey - September 20, 2019

Security News Survey – September 20, 2019

This week, we look at data breaches affecting the entire population of Ecuador, millions of Lion Air passengers, and masses of medical records worldwide.

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Insider Threat Month Social

September is National Insider Threat Awareness Month

Insider threats are both prevalent and notoriously difficult to detect.

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Security News Survey - September 13, 2019

Security News Survey – September 13, 2019

This week, we look at the latest arrests related to BEC scams, a DDoS attack on Wikipedia, and more.

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Security News Survey - September 6, 2019

Security News Survey – September 6, 2019

This week, we look at data breaches compromising 400 million Facebook records, 2.5 million Canadian Yves Rocher customers, and half a million XKCD webcomic fans.

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Security News Survey - August 30, 2019

Security News Survey – August 30, 2019

This week, we look at a new threat group targeting critical infrastructure, the DHS’s new plan for 2020 election security, and another healthcare data breach.

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Security News Survey - August 23, 2019

Security News Survey- August 23, 2019

This week, we look at MoviePass’ exposure of thousands of customer data, a ransomware attack affecting Texas, and a report on the 4K data breaches exposing 4B records in 2019.

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Security News Survey - August 16, 2019

Security News Survey – August 16, 2019

This week, we look at millions of exposed biometric records, thousands of compromised hotel guests, and 30-plus companies breached by the Capital One hacker.

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Social Black Hat Recap Blog

Black Hat 2019 Recap: UEBA, Correlation, and Commitment

The Interset and ArcSight team joined security pros in Las Vegas for two days of in-depth conversations about proactive and powerful threat detection.

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Security News Survey - August 9, 2019

Security News Survey – August 9, 2019

This week, we look at a data breach impacting 23.3 million online shoppers and several misconfigured databases that exposed troves of sensitive information.

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Security News Survey - August 2, 2019

Security News Survey – August 2, 2019

This week, we look at data breaches at Capitol One and a major textbook publisher, as well as an unsecured Honda database.

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Image for Visualization blog

Understand and Mitigate Risk with Intuitive Visualization

Interset’s interactive UI helps security teams focus their investigation on the threats that matter.

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Security News Survey - July 26, 2019

Security News Survey – July 26, 2019

This week, we look at the “historic” Equifax data breach settlement and new research on the state of U.S. government cybersecurity.

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Security News Survey - July 19, 2019

Security News Survey – July 19, 2019

This week, we look at numerous compromised Sprint accounts, another 2.2 million AMCA data breach victims, and a roundup of 2019’s biggest data breaches.

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Network Security

Reduce Security Blind Spots with Interset UEBA and ArcSight Correlation

Join Interset and Micro Focus at Black Hat 2019 to learn how to strengthen threat detection.

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Security News Survey - July 12, 2019

Security News Survey – July 12, 2019

This week, we look at an update on Tesla’s insider threat issues, the latest GDPR fines, and a phishing attack at a popular healthcare contractor.

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SOC Insider Threat Detection

Supercharging Insider Threat Detection in the SOC

Recent insider threat incidents show the value of a carefully designed insider threat program.

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Security News Survey June 28

Security News Survey – June 28, 2019

This week, we look at more ransomware attacks on Florida towns, compromised city email accounts in Wisconsin, and a nine-year data breach in Delaware.

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CSS 2019

Cybersecurity Trends: AI/ML Readiness, Transparency, and the Value of Visualization

Three takeaways from the 2019 Micro Focus Cybersecurity Summit & Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit.

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Security News Survey - June 21, 2019

Security News Survey – June 21, 2019

A look at a new U.S. data breach study, an update from Oregon DHS, another Gnosticplayers hack, and a massive employee-led data leak.

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Security News Survey - June 14, 2019

Security News Survey – June 14, 2019

This week, we look at data breaches affecting Customs and Border Protection and Evite, as well as cyber attacks on two U.S. cities’ operations.

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Security News Survey - June 7, 2019

Security News Survey – June 7, 2019

This week, we look at a major healthcare billion agency security breach, yet another unsecured database, and a $72 million breach settlement.

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Cybersecurity Summit 2019

Join Interset at the Micro Focus Cybersecurity Summit

Experience three days of action-packed sessions on best practices, solution deep dives, and success stories.

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Security News Survey - May 31, 2019

Security News Survey – May 31, 2019

This week, we look at the Flipboard data breach, another unsecured Elastic database, and an update in the Baltimore cyberattack saga.

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Security News Survey - May 24 2019

Security News Survey – May 24, 2019

Baltimore continues to suffer under ransomware attack, Facebook faces Instagram data breach, and TalkTalk’s 2015 data breach surfaces new issues.

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Security News Survey – May 17, 2019

This week, we look at Equifax racking up recovery costs of $1.4 billion after its 2017 data breach, G7 institutions simulating a cyberattack on the financial sector, and over 460,000 accounts compromised in UNIQLO Japan hack.

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Security News Survey - May 10 2019

Security News Survey – May 10, 2019

This week, we look at a Canadian telco data breach, another U.S. city hit by ransomware, rising IoT security woes, and a major Bitcoin heist.

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Verizon DBIR Report Social Graphic

Verizon DBIR 2019: Insiders Continue to Play a Role in Data Breaches

A variety of insider-threat-related factors contribute to breaches, including privilege abuse, compromised accounts, and human error.

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Security News Survey - May 3, 2019

Security News Survey – May 3, 2019

This week, we look at an unprotected database exposing 80 million households, a major extortion scheme, and a $1.8 million business email compromise attack.

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Security News Survey - April 26, 2019

Security News Survey – April 26, 2019

This week, we look at Facebook’s expected privacy fine, Washington State University’s $4.7 million breach settlement, and a creative insider threat at GE.

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Security News Survey - April 19, 2019

Security News Survey – April 19, 2019

This week, we look at Microsoft’s data breach, an update on Facebook’s email password privacy issue, and Canada’s Equifax investigation.

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Security News Survey - April 12, 2019

Security News Survey – April 12, 2019

A look at a security flaw among hotel booking websites, an update on Yahoo’s data breach settlement, and a second TRITON critical infrastructure attack.

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Financial Services Image

Financial Services Cybersecurity By the Numbers

A look at the current state of cybersecurity attacks and readiness in the financial services sector.

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Security News Survey - April 5, 2019

Security News Survey – April 5, 2019

A look at Georgia Tech’s massive data breach, more exposed Facebook data, and a medical practice shut down by ransomware.

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Security News Survey - March 29

Security News Survey – March 29, 2019

This week, we look at the Supreme Court’s blow to the Zappos appeal, a Canadian cannabis company data breach, and the latest price tags of cybersecurity breaches.

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Security News Survey - March 22, 2019

Security News Survey – March 22, 2019

This week, we look at a cyberattack on a global manufacturer, three more healthcare data breaches, and the cybersecurity battle by lawmakers in Canada and the U.S.

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Security News Survey March 15 2019

Security News Survey – March 15, 2019

This week, we look at the Citrix cyberattack, more healthcare data breaches, and a call for cybersecurity transparency in the Senate.

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RSA 2019 Recap Social

Four Takeaways from RSA 2019

This year’s conference offered important conversations around machine learning, cost-effectiveness, and workforce well-being.

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Security News Survey - March 1

Security News Survey – March 1, 2019

A look at an exposed watchlist of 2.4 million clients, the battle over federal data privacy laws, and a re-evaluation of password managers.

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Behavioral Intelligence

Using UEBA to Gain Behavioral Intelligence

Behavioral anomalies in context provide a clearer picture of real risks within your organization.

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Security News Survey - February 22 2019

Security News Survey – February 22, 2019

A look at an exposed UW Medicine database, a 16-month malware infection, and a ranked list of nation-state actor “breakout times”

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Interset & Responsible AI Part Three

Interset & Responsible AI – Part 3: Diversity Inclusion, Prudence, and Responsibility

AI must be designed and executed with caution and the anticipation of unintended consequences.

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Feb 15 Security News Survey

Security News Survey – February 15, 2019

Credential stuffing attacks are on the rise thanks to a new treasure trove of stolen user data.

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Security News Survey Feb 8

Security News Survey – February 8, 2019

A look at the GDPR notification and fine tally and utility companies’ cybersecurity woes across the globe.

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Interset & Responsible AI Part One

Interset & Responsible AI – Part 2: Solidarity, Democratic Participation, and Equity

AI requires an open and collaborative environment to enable effectiveness and fairness.

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UEBA and EDR Image

Detecting a Red Team Attack with UEBA and EDR

A close look at a real-world example of threat detection with Interset UEBA for CrowdStrike.

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Security News Survey February 1

Security News Survey – February 1, 2019

A look at U.S. intelligence officials’ new cybersecurity warnings, another unprotected Elasticsearch server, and Airbus’s “cyber incident.”

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Responsible AI Part One Image

Interset & Responsible AI – Part 1: Well-being, Autonomy, and Privacy

At Interset, we believe AI should support, not replace human beings in cybersecurity.

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Data Privacy

Data Privacy Day 2019: The Next Chapter of Privacy Regulations

Privacy continues to be a priority as GDPR penalties proliferate and new privacy laws emerge.

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Security News Survey - Email

Security News Survey – January 25, 2019

A look at the DHS’s emergency DNS directive, a data leak of millions of bank records, and another healthcare breach.

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Ethical Artificial Intelligence

Interset, Ethics, and Responsible Artificial Intelligence

Canada is leading the charge for responsible adoption of artificial intelligence that fosters trust, inclusivity, and sustainability.

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Hacked Credential

Security News Survey – January 18, 2019

A look at the world’s biggest credential dump, 3 terabytes of exposed FBI data, and running a business on pen and paper.

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Security News Roundup Jan 11

Security News Survey – January 11, 2019

A look at the real-world costs of breaches, the shutdown’s impact on cybersecurity, and the ever-looming cybersecurity skills gap.

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Security News Survey – January 4, 2019

This week we’ve seen millions of compromised gamers, a stolen laptop, and The Dark Overlord’s New Year’s antics.

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Travel Data Breaches

Holiday Travelers, Beware of Data Breaches

This year’s hospitality and transportation industry breaches are putting travelers and providers on high alert.

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MITRE ATT&CK Social Image

UEBA and the MITRE ATT&CK Framework: Detect, Investigate, Respond

A look at how Interset’s analytics incorporates MITRE’s adversarial tactics and techniques.

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Cloud Computing

Interset 5.7: Boosting Time-to-mission with Cloud-native UEBA

Less cost and less complexity gives you easier, faster threat detection.

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Data Breach Recap

12 Days of Data Breaches

A look at 2018’s most troubling insider threat incidents.

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Josh Mahonin

Employee Spotlight: One Minute with Josh Mahonin

Since Interset’s early days, Josh has been a key steward of our security analytics technology.

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Utility Sector

The State of Utility Sector Cybersecurity

Public and private sectors join forces to defend utility companies against cyberattacks.

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Airline Security Breaches

Cyber Turbulence for Major Airlines

A series of data breaches put a spotlight on cybersecurity risk in the airline industry.

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Compromised Account Icon

Most Wanted Insider Threats: The Tale of A Compromised Account

A single compromised account can create a serious security issue for your company.

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IANS DC Tech Session

IANS Charlotte & D.C: Understand the Problem Before You Choose the Solution

View our presentation slides and see top attendee questions and answers

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SearchSecurity TechTarget

Optimizing UEBA for the Cloud

TechTarget explores the evolution of UEBA and growing need for analytics in the cloud

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Title Security Analytics Webinar

[Webinar] Supercharging Security With Behavioral Analytics

The fastest path to insider threat threat detection.

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Insider Threat Infographic Promo Image

Infographic: A Guide to Insider Threats and How to Prevent Them

Behavioral analytics can reveal hidden threats by augmenting your existing security ecosystem.

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CrowdStrike FalCon 2018

Interset at Crowdstrike Fal.Con 2018: See Endpoint Threats Through the Lens of UEBA

Learn more about finding threats fast with behavioral analytics at the Crowdstrike user conference Sept 17-19.

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Ron Chittaro Headshot

Employee Spotlight: One Minute with Ron Chittaro

A hands-on driver of innovation, Ron is helping Interset bring next-gen technology to the endpoint and beyond.

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Paul Reid Headshot

Employee Spotlight: One Minute with Paul Reid

With deep infosec expertise, Paul helps organizations take a proactive stance against security threats.

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Black Hat 2018

Revealing Hidden Threats at Black Hat USA 2018

Augmenting endpoints, SIEMs, and DLPs with UEBA.

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Computer Security

Endpoints Still Matter

Endpoint data can be the key to the clearest picture of a security breach.

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Interset Stereogram

Interset Contest for Black Hat USA 2018: What Hidden 3D Image Do You See?

Tell us the correct answer for a chance to win a $100 prize!

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Chip Security

When The Chips Are Stacked Against Us

Don’t let malware get hold of your chips!

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Bank Vault Door

How SWIFT’ly the attacks come!

Payment and transfer clearing systems are the real targets.

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DataWorks 2018

How Big Data and AI Saved the Day

Critical IP Almost Walked Out the Door

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Webinar: Will the Real AI Stand Up

Will the Real AI Please Stand Up?

Webinar Recap with Interset CTO Stephan Jou and VP of Products Mario Daigle

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Machine Learning Market

Transcript: Will the Real AI Please Stand Up [Webinar]

Supervised vs Unsupervised Machine Learning in Cybersecurity

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Behavior Threat Detection

How to Detect Fileless Malware with Endpoint UEBA

Stop dangerous and undetectable attacks by focusing on behavioral clues—not rules.

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Logan MacLaren Headshot

Employee Spotlight: One Minute with Logan MacLaren

As Big Data Platform Architect, Logan operates at the helm of Interset’s big data cybersecurity deployments.

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Checkmate Robot

Gaining the Upper Hand on Cyber Threats

Interset’s Model Builder changes your security posture from reactive to proactive.

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Endpoint digital fingerprint

Interset 5.6: Creating a Digital Fingerprint with Endpoint Data

Interset platform adds detection models to address ever-changing threats targeting the endpoint.

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Maria Pospelova

Employee Spotlight: One Minute with Maria Pospelova

Maria discusses the journey that led her to data analytics for cybersecurity and offers advice to aspiring female data scientists.

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Interset and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

When you’re in the business of insider threat detection, GDPR looms large.

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Employee Spotlight: One Minute with Stephan Jou

Learn more about CTO Stephan Jou, the veteran mind behind Interset’s vision for security analytics.

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Roy Wilds Interse

Employee Spotlight: One Minute with Roy Wilds

Roy Wilds straddles the worlds of data science, cybersecurity, and real-world impact of Interset’s technology on business value.

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Stereogram Answer

Signal Within the Noise: Did You Find the Hidden Image?

See what was hidden in the noise of our 2018 RSA Conference stereogram!

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Interset at RSA 2018

4 Things We Learned at RSA Conference 2018

Top trends from our conversations on the show floor and in meetings.

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Interset Model Builder

Introducing Model Builder: Move Faster with Customizable Machine Learning

Security practitioners can customize machine learning algorithms for their environments without data science expertise.

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Stereogram RSA 2018

Interset Contest for RSA 2018: What Hidden 3D Image Do You See?

Tell us the correct answer for a chance to win a Lego Mindstorms EV3!

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Interset at IANS Forum NYC

Interset at IANS Forum NYC: The Data Science Behind AI Security Analytics

Interset Technical Architect Bob Patten discussed how companies can operationalize big data security analytics.

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IANS Toronto Interset Presentation

IANS Forum Toronto: Operationalizing Security Analytics in the Real World

Keynote presentation by Interset CTO Stephan Jou discussed the power of unsupervised machine learning to accelerate threat detection.

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Data breach

AI & Machine Learning 101-Part 5: Detecting Bot Attacks vs Human Attacks with ML

Unsupervised machine learning can help determine if a cyber attack is launched by a human or by bots.

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Feature image for Phantom Integration

SOARing with Phantom Cyber — Why Security Orchestration & Automation is Critical

Security orchestration is critical for modern security teams, but effective orchestration demands advanced analytics.

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Security Analytics

AI & Machine Learning 101-Part 4: A New Vision for Security Analytics

New security threats require a new framework for analyzing and responding to intrusions.

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Interset at RSA

Interset at RSA Conference: A Look Back Through the Years

Highlights from the past few years at RSA Conference and a look at what’s in store for 2018.

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AI, a brief history

AI & Machine Learning 101-Part 3: A Brief History of Artificial Intelligence

AI has come a long way from its inception as a field of research in the late 1950s.

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CBC News Interset

Interset on CBC News: Canada Bolsters Investment in Cybersecurity

CBC News’ “On the Money” features Interset as Canada decides on federal budget allocation for cyber defense.

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Stereogram Contest

Did You Find the Hidden Image?

The answer was: “We (Heart) Big Data!”

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Artificial Intelligence

AI & Machine Learning 101-Part 1: Machine vs. Human Learning

Interset CTO Stephan Jou describes the similarities between the way humans and machines learn.

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Do you see what We See

Stereograms and Intrusion Detection: Finding the Hidden Entity

Our stereogram contest demonstrates how our threat detection technology works.

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Insider Threat Incident

Waymo v. Uber: The Danger of Insider Threats

Interset’s Ross Sonnabend explores how security analytics can prevent insider threat-related disasters like Waymo vs. Uber.

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Insider Threats

How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Prevent Insider Threats

AI can be a really powerful weapon for the force of good, says CTO Stephan Jou.

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Data Breaches

Big Data Technology Explained-Part 3: Other Big Data Tech

In the final part of this series, Interset’s Rob Sader explains additional technologies that companies are using to drive big data programs.

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Threat Detection Logo

Introducing the New Interset Logo

A fresh visual representation of what our insider threat detection technology really does.

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Threat Detection

Don’t Replace your SIEM-Embrace it with Security Analytics

Combining your SIEM with security analytics creates a better security posture for your company.

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Big Data Technology

Big Data Technology Explained-Part 2: The Hadoop Ecosystem

In part two of this series, Interset’s Rob Sader explores the core big data technologies that make up the Hadoop ecosystem.

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Big Data Tech

Big Data Technology Explained-Part 1: Hadoop

In part of one of this series, tech startup veteran Rob Sader discusses how technology such as Hadoop can solve real-world big data problems.

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New Insider Threat Anomaly Detection Models in Interset AI 5.5

Interset 5.5: New Insider Threat Anomaly Detection Models

New and enhanced features of our AI platform enable faster and more accurate insider threat detection of financial theft, data exfiltration, and more.

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Cybersecurity Data Science Persona

Six Personas for an Effective Cyber Data Science Team

Our CTO’s recent experience at a hackathon illustrates how the most potent data science in cybersecurity comes from an intriguing array of skill sets

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cyber thief insider threat repor

Infographic: The Insider Threatscape in 2018

A look at how cyberthreats have been impacting enterprises, and how those companies plan to stop them in the new year

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Uber Hack Cybersecurity

Connecting the Dots of the Uber Hack

Even a seemingly simple cyberattack unfolds through many steps. With the right technology, security teams can now spot the warning signs.

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false cyber security alert

UEBA: Don’t Be Fooled by False Positives!

This is how User and Entity Based Analytics can process logs of big data, while surfacing only the cyberthreats that matter

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cybersecurity advanced analytics predictions 2018

Cybersecurity and Advanced Analytics Will Have a Love Affair in 2018

Five reasons why advanced analytics, powered by unsupervised machine learning, will be your new partner for effective cybersecurity defense

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IT SOC security

How Cybersecurity Can Leverage Big Data

A summary of insights into how big data enables faster threat detection and improved SOC and IT efficiency

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botnet cyber attack

Cyber Explainer: A Botnet

When hackers remotely control a group of Internet-connected devices, they can disrupt a company, not to mention an entire country.

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data science 101 cybersecurity

The Week in Review: Cybersecurity News

Data science 101, securing transportation’s critical infrastructure, alarming cyberattack trends, Feds brace themselves for more North Korean hacking

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CTO on data science AI machine learning

From Our CTO: Getting Started With Data Science

People frequently ask our CTO, Stephan Jou, how to learn more about data science. Here, he lists some practical suggestions to get more acquainted with data science and its applications.

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Critical Infrastructure Hack Cybersecurity

How to Secure Transit’s Critical Infrastructure

As cyberattacks on the transportation industry become more common and more brazen, companies must confront cyber-threat visibility issues in their systems

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Insider threat cyberattack report

Insider Threat Report: 7 Key Takeaways

Half the companies surveyed have had an insider attack in the past year. That’s why they’re increasingly turning to security solutions that monitor behaviors.

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human-machine cybersecurity

The Week in Review: Cybersecurity News

A hack’s continued toll on Equifax, the necessity of human-machine teaming, Trojan horse attacks, five issues plaguing cybersecurity right now

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trojan horse cyber attack

Cyber Explainer: The Trojan Horse

This sneak attack is adept at hiding, and has been known to create cyberthreats that go undetected for years

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IANS big-data cybersecurity

Big Data + InfoSec: Truth, Lies, and Fairy Tales. Join us at IANS.

Find out where the truth lies when it comes to big data, machine learning, and security analytics

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Business Enterprise Cybersecurity

The Week in Review: Cybersecurity News

Executives + cybersecurity: Vanguard’s CEO points to hackers as top concern, selling execs on better tech, a board member on cyber-risk management, and more

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API oil gas cybersecurity

If You’re in Oil or Gas, You Won’t Want to Miss This

Interset’s CTO, Stephan Jou, will be at the API Cybersecurity Conference offering solutions to protect critical infrastructure. Here’s a preview of his talk.

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cyber watering hole attacks

Cyber Explainer: Watering Hole Attacks

Now that social engineering has become hackers favorite infiltration tactic, many are adding watering hole scams to their bag of tricks.

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MPOWER McAfee recap cybersecurity

Recap: The MPOWER Cybersecurity Summit

What you may have missed: From the importance of assuming you’ve already been breached, to changing the ratio of signal-to-noise with human-machine teaming.

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Ransomware Cyberattack Bad Rabbit

The Week in Review: Cybersecurity News

Bad Rabbit and the malware/ransomware explosion, a price list of dark-web offerings, CFOs and cybersecurity, AI helping security teams

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malware cyberattack

Cyber Explainer: Malware

A recent study found more than 700 million samples of malware. Here’s why this cyberattack tool shape-shifts so much.

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global cyberattack russia north korea iran

The Week in Review: Cybersecurity News

A check-in on cyberthreats from North Korea, Iran, and Russia. Also, a look at the many forms of phishing and how execs can improve security posture.

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data breach and phishing attack

Cyber Explainer: Phishing

Smishing, typosquatting, whaling…a staggering 91% of cyberattacks can be linked to the many faces of phishing attacks

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enterprise risk management cybersecurity

The Week in Review: Cybersecurity News

IRS suspends contract with Equifax, AI as a cybersecurity “weapon,” challenges in detecting inside threats, how to hack a power grid

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Inside Threat Hacker Edward Snowden

Cyber Explainer: Inside Threat

Most thieves are banking on the tried-and-true idea that once inside enterprise networks, they can stay hidden in plain sight

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Interset 5.4 security analytics risk dashboard

Everything You Need to Know About Interset 5.4

It’s faster, processes more data, and comes with many more machine-learning models. So your security team can chase actionable threat leads, instead of false alerts.

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FinTech Cyber Threat Security

The Week in Review: Cybersecurity News

Developments in banking and FinTech; inside lateral-movement threats; Russia still testing cyberattacks; exec security overconfidence

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lateral movement cyberthreat

Cyber Explainer: Lateral Movement

This covert, low-and-slow threat marks the start of dwell time and indicates an upcoming attempt at exfiltration

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fintech data breach security analytics

The Biggest Security Innovation in FinTech

Why analyzing cyber behavior is the best defense against modern bank theft

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cyber breach attack sonic equifax AI

The Week in Review: Cybersecurity News

How AI senses bad behavior to stop attacks, a nation-state may be behind the Equifax breach, Sonic’s post-breach stock plunge

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privilege escalation

Cyber Explainer: Privilege Escalation

A hacker’s strategic first-step towards infiltrating the network, this type of threat promises much greater rewards

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Layers of Cybersecurity DefenseStill Data Breaches

Trends in Enterprise Security: Cyberthreat Detection

Regardless of the number of defense layers, data breaches still happen. We need to detect threats at the earliest possible moment with new methods.

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Is Interset the Marketo of Information Security_

What Cybersecurity Can Learn From Marketo

In a room of marketers, “Interset is like Marketo for security” perfectly conveys cybersecurity’s goal. Just as we pursue sales leads, security teams must pursue threat leads.

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enterprise SEC data breach

The Week in Review: Cybersecurity News

SEC gets breached, why hackers love compromised accounts, AI as security amplifier, New York doubles down (again) on data protection

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Compromised Account Data Breach

Cyber Explainer: Compromised Account

Countless record-setting data breaches started with this type of identity theft — which is so common, because it’s so effective

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cybersecurity advanced persistent threat

Cyber Explainer: The Advanced Persistent Threat

A favorite of adversarial nation states, APTs are one of the most data-rich heists that a hacking group can pull off

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wikileaks Cybercrime Cybersecurity Cyberattacks

The Week in Review: Cybersecurity News

A look across the globe: The hack on Wikileaks, ransomware bank-robber extradited to UK, Yahoo vs. a class-action suit, millions phished from Canadian university

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cybersecurity news hacker

The Week in Review: Cybersecurity News

The 14-year-long healthcare breach, Chinese national arrested for 2015 OPM hack, cybersecurity regulatory crackdown, the 10 sneakiest hacker attacks, and more

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satellite cybersecurity

The Messy Future of Satellite Cyberattacks

Outdated technology, malware, and GPS-spoofing: Satellites offer hackers a new frontier of earthly disruption

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Healthcare Breach

Is This the Longest Healthcare Breach Ever?

File under “horror stories.” One Massachusetts hospital finally detected an inside threat, 14 years after it started.

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The Week in Review: Cybersecurity News

Recent threats to real estate companies, HBO’s new hack, the secret cyber attack on the FCC, explaining machine learning’s role in big-data security analytics, and more

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Real Estate Cybersecurity

Real Estate Companies Are Sitting Ducks

With countless attack vectors, real estate (a goldmine of financial transactions and data) is not prepared for what’s to come

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Hollywood Entertainment Hacks

The Week in Review: Cybersecurity News

Hackers eye entertainment, proof that phishing is stoppable, breach disrupts mobile service for 7 million, DNA infected with malware

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phishing attacks

The Surprising, Not-So-Secret Habits of Phishers

Good news: A new report reiterates that phishing attacks are far less sophisticated (and far more stoppable) than they seem

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HBO hack

Spoiler Alert: Hackers Break Into Entertainment

The cyber attack on HBO is a reminder that hackers are gaining ground in Hollywood. Here’s how networks and studios can stop them.

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Def Con hacker

The Week in Review: Cybersecurity News

WannaCry hero arrested leaving Def Con, inside HBO’s hack, new medical-device legislation, how to help Ukraine

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Flash CaaS malware healthcare

The Week in Review: Cybersecurity News

How hacks are impacting healthcare companies, the rise of CaaS do-it-yourself malware kits, developers rejoice as Flash gets phased out

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dark web crimeware

Cyberattacks Spike, Thanks to Crimeware Services

Dark-web opportunists are creating do-it-yourself hacking kits. This is what your enterprise can do to thwart them.

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The IoT and Healthcare’s State of Emergency

Organizations have adopted IoT technologies to cut costs. Now it’s time to consider the cybersecurity that can protect them as business investments, too.

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cybersecurity news

The Week in Review: Cybersecurity News

The financial impact of malware, Verizon’s latest breach, new findings from McAfee’s threat report

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Black Hat USA 2017 Las Vegas

What’s New at the Black Hat Conference?

Find out at booth #774, where Interset will unveil new features aimed at remedying alert fatigue, security blindspots, and complicated architecture.

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USB memory stick flash drive

Is Your Security Team Being Set Up for Success?

Their endpoint-security software may be doomed to falter on its own. But it will thrive in a centralized environment.

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Russia Hack U.S. Nuclear Energy

U.S. Energy Is Under Attack

Russia has been quietly breaching U.S. power plants, including nuclear facilities. What’s the damage done, and what should energy companies do now?

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Cyber Insurance Global Threats

The Week in Review: Cybersecurity News

Impact of global attacks on cyber insurers, establishing a culture of security in the workplace, hackers eyeing power plants

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Psychology of Cybersecurity

The Psychology of Enterprise Security

Change management is risk management — cultivating a culture of security

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Star Gazing False Positives

It’s Time to Weed Out Cybersecurity Eye Candy

Buyer beware: Just because a user interface looks futuristic, that doesn’t mean it’s quick and effective

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Petya malware attack

The Week in Review: Cybersecurity News

The Petya-attack aftermath, do-it-yourself cyber-crime kits, security’s increasing impact on company value

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Malware Advertising Target

Advertising Agencies: Malware’s Perfect Target

If advertising companies are so aggressive about winning lucrative business, why are they so passive about protecting it?

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cybersecurity of M&A

Security Now Determines Company Value

The Yahoo-Verizon deal hit a nerve in the M&A process, where a company’s cybersecurity posture has become a sensitive negotiation issue

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security tech solutions

The Week in Review: Cybersecurity News

The solution to security-alert fatigue. Senators get vocal about grid security. Data-breach costs up in the U.S.

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false positive alert

How to Fix Security-Alert Overload

The technology exists to remedy alert fatigue. So why aren’t companies using it?

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risk security analytics technology

How to Find Proactive, Risk-Based Security

A cybersecurity executive order emphasizes the dire need to protect critical infrastructure. Our CTO details the type of security analytics that will achieve that.

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China Investment U.S. Technology Startups

China’s Sneak Attack

Steadily increasing Asian investment in American start-ups (especially those pioneering AI) is spooking the U.S. government

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cyberthreats networks USA

The Week in Review: Cybersecurity News

Malware is everywhere. Threats against energy grow very serious. And the Girl Scouts get into cybersecurity.

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Black out

All About Industroyer, Energy’s Scariest Malware

A new report warns utility companies to prepare themselves, as grid viruses get exceptionally sophisticated

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CPA Risk Management Cyberthreats

Your CPA Can Make a Great Risk-Manager

Cybersecurity takes a village. Here’s why that village now includes your accountant.

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Week in News Healthcare Comey NSA

The Week in Review: Cybersecurity News

A U.S. task force’s cyberplan to save healthcare, ex-FBI director Comey comes clean on the election hacks, new details about the NSA leaker, and more

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Gartner Security and Risk Summit

See the Smartest Analytics at the Gartner Summit

Talk is cheap! Meet us at booth 222 for a look at our security platform in action.

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Healthcare Cybersecurity HHS

Is Healthcare in Crisis?

The Department of Health and Human Services seems to think so. It just published a report suggesting six ways the medical industry can fix its cybersecurity failings.

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high-tech manufacturing aerospace factory

The High-Tech Vision Quest

Manufacturers face IoT security blindspots, from R&D down to the factory floor

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Vladimir Putin Oliver Stone

The Best Cybersecurity Articles This Week

Vladimir Putin on Edward Snowden, China’s cryptic new security law, and other can’t-miss stories

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Half-Year Report: How Bad Have Data Breaches Gotten?

Business is the most compromised industry, while theft in finance is surging

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Hidden Threats Security

The Best Cybersecurity Articles This Week

How to take on hackers, ransomware, and other unforeseen threats

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Utility Ransomware

Lessons Learned From a Ransomware Attack

After a malware breach, a utility company paid the ransom. That was just the start of its troubles…

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WannaCry Attack

The Best Cybersecurity Articles This Week

The global WannaCry ransomware attack inspires discussions on how to build a better security posture

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cybersecurity blind spot contractors

Cybersecurity’s Nagging Blind Spot

Why companies aren’t able to successfully monitor contractors and third-party vendors

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bitcoin ransomware

Ransomware Goes on a Global Harm Offensive

The aptly named WannaCry rattles security teams across the world, hitting governments and private enterprises alike

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Hamburger Hackers

The Best Cybersecurity Articles This Week

Hackers model ransomware after hamburgers, and Trump wants cyber defense in the cloud

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AML in the Age of Cybersecurity

Compliance in finance is getting complicated. But there is an upside.

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Manufacturing Industry Hacks

Manufacturing’s Secrets and Lies

Increasing numbers of hackers are banking on employee access to valuable information

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The Best Cybersecurity Articles This Week

Old threats, and how they come back to haunt us

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Financial Planner Advisor Client

It’s Time to Talk to Your Client About Cybersecurity

Why financial advisors are working customers into their security strategies

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Cyber security Inside threats finance

Finance Execs Are Too Confident in Their Security

Inside threats continue to plague companies. And they’re really hard to spot.

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North Korea Is on a Global Bank-Robbery Spree

As tensions flare between the U.S. and North Korea, the latter has been laser-focused on pulling off lucrative cyber heists

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Business Security

The Best Cybersecurity Articles This Week

How formidable is your business’ security posture?

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Interset Accelerates Investigations With New Innovation

It ingests third-party data feeds to drive analytic models, create custom workflows/alerts, and enhance incident context

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Financial Industry Big Data

The Standoff Between Banks and Money-Management Sites

Ultimately, it will boil down to who wins at cybersecurity

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Water Utility Cyber Ninja

The Best Cybersecurity Articles This Week

The government gets tough on WikiLeaks, as enterprises get creative with ‘bug bounty-hunters’ and ‘cyber ninjas.’

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Bug Bounty Hunter

Should Your Company Hire Bug Bounty-Hunters?

From Apple to the Department of Defense, organizations are turning to “good” hackers to find vulnerabilities. Here are some things to consider before you do, too.

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business of IT security

How Business Drives Security (and Vice Versa)

A look at the Enterprise Strategy Group’s annual “IT Spending Intentions Survey,” and what companies can learn from it

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Interset platform cybersecurity analytics

Interset Has Expanded Its Compromised-Account Detection

We added more probabilistic models to bolster unsupervised machine learning

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Minimize Expenditures CISO

The Best Cybersecurity Articles This Week

Finance’s bad week. Cyber-insurance advice. And a new threat frontier: space.

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Cybersecurity insurance risk management

So You Have Cyber Insurance—Now What?

By surmounting policy limitations and accounting for unquantifiable damage, enterprises can improve risk management

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Wells Fargo bank scandal

Wells Fargo Fallout Impacts Board of Directors

The company announced it will recover $75 million from corrupt execs. But board members could still face federal disciplinary actions.

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bridge business of security

The Best Cybersecurity Articles This Week

The best ways to bridge the divide between business and security needs

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Board of Directors cybersecurity

Why Board Members Are Suddenly Interested in Cybersecurity

Executives finally see that a proactive solution can transform business intelligence. Now it’s your job to demystify it for them.

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Washington DC insider threats

The U.S. Government’s War on Insider Threats

Agencies will reportedly invest $1 billion this year on cybersecurity. But what’s the strategy behind their spending?

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Cyber Security Hackers

The Best Cybersecurity Articles This Week

Getting into the heads of cyber criminals and the experts determined to stop them

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Electricity Company Compliance

The Crusade to Cyber-Save Energy

Concerns over cyberattacks have triggered a surge of new grid regulations. This is how utility companies can get compliant.

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cyber threat crowd

Cybersecurity: Lessons From the Field

The questions any company should ask when investing in an analytics solution

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The Best Cybersecurity Articles This Week

Satellite scientists, shady bankers, and nation states—the spies among us

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Stock Market Investments

Three Ways Financial Companies Can Sharpen Their Security

The key is to start with a business strategy, then find a security solution that supports it

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Kremlin Russia

Anatomy of a Data Breach

A Federal investigation into Yahoo’s 2014 breach exposes a Russian government-hacker alliance

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Cyber Crime Business

The Best Cybersecurity Articles This Week

The Yahoo breach has triggered a threat-landscape assessment across the technology, finance, life-science, and fuel/energy industries

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The Fuel-and-Energy Security Gridlock

Criminally ill-prepared for cyber attacks, two of the most hacked industries can still fight back. But they’re running out of time.

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Global Enterprise Security

Infographic: Security’s New World Order

An enterprise view of cyber threats around the globe, in across several industries

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Data Breach Cybersecurity Intelligence

The Best Cybersecurity Articles This Week

What we have learned from devastating data breaches

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Company Cybersecurity Data Breaches

Five Cybersecurity Truths Companies Must Accept

The good news: the bad news isn’t so bad

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hospital-hackers-medical devices

Are Hackers Eyeing Medical Devices?

As experts warn of future attacks, hospitals and manufacturers must search for solutions

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Cybersecurity investigation

The Best Cybersecurity Articles This Week

Investigations and regulations are ramping up

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Machine Learning Cybersecurity

Why Machine Learning Matters

Past the hype, there’s a goldmine of potential in how AI-powered cybersecurity will transform business strategy

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United States Cybersecurity

Ello Guv’nor! States Take the Cybersecurity Helm

As partisanship muddles federal efforts, governors are uniting to establish cyberlaw and order in both public and private enterprises

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cybersecurity news

The Best Cybersecurity Articles This Week

Some new challenges and many more solutions, in the world of risk management

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North Korea hackers

Brace Yourself for More North Korean Hacks

A fiscal feud between North Korea and China will likely impact U.S. enterprises

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Internet of Things IoT

The IoT Conundrum

Employees working remotely improves performance. But at what cost?

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Neil deGrasse Tyson cybersecurity RSA

RSA Edition: The Best Cybersecurity Articles This Week

ICYMI: Highlights from the sprawling security conference

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Cybersecurity Headlines

The Best Cybersecurity Articles This Week

The latest developments over the past seven days, from the West Coast to the White House

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Target consumer Breach Credit Card Information

Target: The Breach that Keeps on Taking

Four years after the company’s data breach, Target is still attempting to settle suits

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RSA Conference 2016

Lightspeed Ahead: The Interset 2017 Preview at RSA

Visit us at RSA 2017 for a demo of our award-winning Interset 5, plus an exclusive preview of our new innovations

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Cybersecurity Company Office

The Best Cybersecurity Stories This Week

Five stories that will help you keep up with the rapidly changing state of security

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Cybersecurity job Market

The Solution to the Cybersecurity Job Crisis

Too many open positions—and not enough skilled applicants to fill them. Here’s what your company can do about it.

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Safe Fees Fine Data Breach

How a Data-Breach Fine Can Multiply

With laws still uncertain, attorney generals’ fines have become a crapshoot

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Cybersecurity Business News

Weekend News Round-Up: Business + Cybersecurity

How the playing fields for financial, telecom, and healthcare institutions are rapidly changing

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Goldman Sachs Insider Threat Data Theft

A Game-Changer in Prosecuting Data Thieves

Financial institutions get the insider-threat verdict they’ve been waiting for

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UEBA Platform Intel McAfee Cybersecurity

Intel x Interset: How to Buy a UEBA Platform

Our CTO, Stephan Jou, is interviewed by D.J. Long, head of Intel McAfee’s Security Innovation Alliance

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Identity Theft

2016 Data Breach Report Calls Out CEOs

With a record number of thefts, comes a reality check for the C-suite

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Interset Ends 2016 on a High Note

2016 was a great year for Interset not matter how you slice it! Triple bookings, a doubled customer base, and we delivered an enterprise class security analytics platform.

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Airplane Hackers

Can an Airplane Get Hacked? (Probably.)

Enterprising thieves are forcing us to rethink security. Even in the air.

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yahoo security regulations

How Yahoo’s Breaches Will Shape Security Regulations

Its 2013 attack is the largest ever, and will be a tipping point for legislators

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cybersecurity forecast

Security Analytics Will Get Focused in 2017

These seven product shifts will elevate security in the coming year

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Human Resources Information Technology Cybersecurity

HR and IT Make a Powerful Cybersecurity Team

It’s not just a technical hurdle anymore. It’s a workplace-culture problem, too.

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Webinar: A Head Start on 2017’s Security Challenges

Our in-house experts will show you how Interset 5 was built to address common use cases

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NSA Director to CEOs: Security Is Your Job, Too

The Director of the NSA says it’s time to for execs to be more hands-on when it comes to protecting a company.

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Announcing Interset 5: More Data, More Use Cases

One of the greatest challenges analysts face is finding a security platform that’s fast, data-hungry, and fine-tuned.

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Actionable intelligence

What Exactly Makes Intelligence Actionable?

The term “actionable intelligence” is often bandied about. Why? Because data insight can palpably add to an enterprise’s business value.

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Ddos Attack US

This Week in Cybersecurity

Inside the devastating DDoS attack. The Texas politicians moving cybersecurity legislation. What we’ve learned from Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s oversights. And more…

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Back by Popular Demand: The Insider-Threat Webinar

Our joint webinar with Leidos (formerly Lockheed Martin) takes place on November 14. Sign up here for free.

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How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Kremlin?

Thus far, Washington hasn’t retaliated in any way, other than sternly accusing Russia of attacks. How and when to respond is tricky.

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Ransomeware chart

Ransomware Is About to Become a $1 Billion Industry

Thieves have finally figured out that there’s more money in companies than customers.

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All the Cybersecurity Headlines You May Have Missed This Week

Inside the continuing reaction to Yahoo’s devastating breach. What can we learn from this hack?

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The Complicated Ethics of Data-Breach Disclosure

What’s more gut-wrenching than discovering your company’s network has been breached? Having to publicly announce that breach.

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The Uptick in Federal Breaches Is Alarming

Between 2005 and 2015, federal-agency breaches skyrocketed from 5,503 to 77,183.

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A Catch-Up on the Week’s Cybersecurity Headlines

The week’s most provocative stories about breaches, business, and the lifestyles of some infamous hackers.

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The Number of Identity Thefts This Year (So Far)

Q4 has arrived. And companies will have to ask themselves how much of their 2017 budgets should be invested in cybersecurity?

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Who’s to Blame for All These Breaches?

Are companies too often blaming nation states for big breaches, instead of assessing their own security oversights?

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The Presidential Nominees Debate Cyber Security

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump held their first presidential debate last evening. Here’s what they said about cybersecurity.

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The Week’s Most Important Cybersecurity Headlines

This week unearthed two of the biggest hacks ever.

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Security Jobs

Inside the Cybersecurity Job Rush

In recent years, a profound uptick in data breaches has created a sprawling need for new enterprise-security roles.

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All the Ways to Get Sued After a Data Breach

There’s a tendency to associate any litigation with disgruntled consumers. But a recent class-action lawsuit reminds us that it can come from within the organization.

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Webinar: Insider Threats and Inside-Out Protection

[Webinar] Insider Threats and Inside-Out Protection

Interset joins Leidos (formerly Lockheed Martin) for this one-hour event on October 11 at 2 p.m. EST.

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Edward Snowden

What Snowden’s Boss Learned From the NSA Breach

Five important takeaways from his speech at the Rock Stars of Cybersecurity event.

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The Endless Financial Ripple Effect of a Data Breach

The beneath-the-surface, often unanticipated, costs turn out to be the most impactful.

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ISSA Journal

The Cover Story Featuring Our CTO

Stephan Jou lays out the origins of machine learning, how it works, and why it’s so important to security analytics.

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The ‘Insider Threat’ and the ‘Threat Inside’ Are Both Important

Outside attacks have a high success rate by penetrating perimeter defenses and becoming a “threat inside” the network.

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Missed Us at Black Hat? Catch Our CTO’s Webinar…

On August 10, Interset’s CTO will explain how advanced analytics stays one step ahead of even the most sophisticated attack.

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U.S. Government to Rank Security Threats

In light of the DNC hack, the White House has started ranking Federal and private incidents with a centralized threat-level scale.

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Black Hat

Interset Goes Cyber-Hunting at Black Hat 2016

Learn why the U.S. intelligence community is investing in Interset’s platform.

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Data Security

Data Security Has Become Job Security

The Target hack changed the nature of breaches, when its reverberations shot up the chain of command.

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Why U.S. Intelligence Agencies Are Banking on Interset

In-Q-Tel spent more than a year researching and conducting hands-on analyses of the many User Behavior Analytics products in the market.

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