What It Is

This streamlined solution combines Interset's machine-learning security analytics with McAfee's product ecosystem. This includes McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (ESM), McAfee DXL, and McAfee ePO. Together, they radically transform cybersecurity defense and overall security-team efficiency.

How It Works

Interset distills billions of real-time events into a list of validated threats. This intelligence is sent back to McAfee's product ecosystem for measured security-team responses to these measured risks.

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A Visualization of the Joint Solution

Interset's security-analytics platform McAfee's product ecosystem work together to narrow-down a countless number of security events into a handful of actionable leads for security teams

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Human and Machine Threat-Hunting

Learn how Interset's security analytics and McAfee's product ecosystem work together to radically reduce threat dwell time, while empowering security teams to pursue real risks—instead of false-positive alerts

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