What’s so unique about Interset is its extensible analytics engine, its principled approach to math, and its scalable architecture. This exceptionally powerful platform has been proven through extensive testing and deployment across the U.S. intelligence community and some of the world’s largest enterprises.


Indicators of compromise manifest themselves in different ways, depending on the type of attack. Interset collects and correlates events from the broadest set of data classes, right out of the box, quickly increasing threat visibility.


Connect the dots of events related to an attack. Create a prioritized list of what needs to be investigated first. Remove noise, and greatly reduce false positives, eliminating alert fatigue. Security analysts will know where to start and what to do. Interset’s precision means greater accuracy in threat detection.


The more context your security team, the faster they can mitigate a security incident. Interset provides a contextualized view of riskiest behaviors in your enterprise and gives your security teams the right tools to visualize and investigate incidents. Once an anomaly is detected, Interset sends actionable, easy-to-understand reports with downstream security systems to begin remediation.

How Is Interset Different?

Our platform comes with a broad set of data-class support and out-of-the box analytics models, with the ability to quickly add more

Our analytic models cover more threat surfaces and visualize each stage of an attack

We have best-in-class scalability to hundreds of thousands of users

Our principled machine learning and advanced analytics engine are proven every day by our IQT partners

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