What Is True Big Data?

Despite claims, not all security vendors actually support big data, but Interset's architecture does. Leaving out components such as a high-speed messaging bus or proper clustering architectures lead to bottlenecks and poor performance. Interset strengthens real-time analysis by connecting the best of open-source, big data technology with a highly extensible machine learning analytics engine. It also delivers query and incident response workflows.

The Quickest Threat Detection

Attacks can take several paths. Investing in a platform that consumes vast quantities of logs across the enterprise puts you at a significant advantage in detecting threats. Analyzing more data (and different types of it) is the best way to quickly spot any attack in process.

Deployment Flexibility

We realize that big data is new, and not every company has the staff to support it. If you are an expert, we use Hortonworks and Cloudera frameworks to load our software into your environments. Interset can be deployed directly into your big-data architecture or into your big-data cloud. If you lack the expertise and need an on-premise deployment, our consultants can also assist your team in deploying the system and making sure it’s operational.