Why a Security Ecosystem?

OPTIMIZE INVESTMENTS Interset integrates with other security tools (such as SIEM systems) to analyze countless data sources.

ACQUIRE INTEL Expand visibility into the behaviors of users, files, and devices across your systems. This vastly reduces security gaps, transforming risk management.

ACCELERATE THREAT RESPONSE Security teams work off a list of prioritized, validated threats to swiftly, efficiently mitigate enterprise risks.

Empower Your Workforce

A centralized solution that maximizes security-team efficiency, Interset minimizes alert fatigue, so employees can focus on qualified threat leads.

Minimize Expenditures

You can leverage Interset's 300+ machine learning models to jumpstart your big data threat-detection program.


How to Fix Security-Alert Overload

The technology to remedy alert fatigue does exist. So why aren’t companies using it?

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Is Your Security Team Set Up for Success?

Their endpoint-security software may be doomed to falter on its own. But it'll thrive in a centralized environment.

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What Exactly Makes Intelligence Actionable?

Analytics give insight into data, which can palpably add to an enterprise’s business value.

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Prioritize the Risks That Matter

See how Interset can strengthen your business through quick, accurate threat detection

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