Webinar: Myths & Realities of A.I. Cybersecurity

Dr. Chase Cunningham, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, joins Interset’s CTO, Stephan Jou, for “Machine Learning and A.I. in Cybersecurity: Separating Myth from Reality.” This webinar gives you a clear understanding of what machine learning means, and how enterprises can successfully deploy security analytics strengthened by this type of artificial intelligence.


Cover Story: Interset's CTO on Machine-Learning Security Analytics

In "Machine Learning: A Primer for Security," a cover story for ISSA magazine, our CTO details how solutions that pair analytics with machine learning are able to yield a depth of knowledge and enhanced visibility the security world has never before witnessed.

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Whitepaper: Forrester Research on the AI-Security Revolution

"Security vendors are inundating CISOs with products purporting to use artificial intelligence to dramatically improve the accuracy and speed of both threat detection and response," Forrester writes. "How do you know fact from fiction from enthusiastic marketing?"

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Success stories: machine learning + security analytics