Focus on Real Threats

Interset distills billions of security events from across your cybersecurity ecosystem into a handful of high-value threat leads. Our analytics connects the dots between behaviors and signs of a security threat, reduces false positives, and gives your security operations center (SOCs) a list of prioritized threats to focus on.

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Investigate and Respond Fast

Interset provides a contextualized view of riskiest behaviors and gives your security teams the right tools to visualize and investigate incidents. When an unusual behavior is detected, Interset sends actionable reports to downstream security systems to enable a quick response

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Minimize Risk

Interset helps utility companies proactively protect networks and grids through greater risk visibility and faster threat hunting. This enables companies to align their security posture and with business objectives.

The State of Utility Sector Cybersecurity

The utility sector is a key target for malicious outsiders and a dangerous asset to let fall to neglectful insiders.

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All About Industroyer, Energy’s Scariest Malware

A new report warns utility companies that grid viruses are getting exceptionally sophisticated.

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The Crusade to Cyber-Save Energy

Cyberattacks concerns triggered a surge of new grid regulations. Here's how to get compliant.

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Prioritize the Risks That Matter

See how Interset can strengthen your business through quick, accurate threat detection

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