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Our platform's expansive visibility eliminates false positives. It yields highly qualified leads, allowing you to escalate even the most elusive internal and external threats.

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Interset accelerates threat intelligence, vigilantly protecting networks and grids. This enables you to align your company's security profile with its business objectives.


Case Study White Paper

CASE STUDY: The Utility Company

A publicly traded utility company serving 5.4 million customers across 11 states turned to Interset to improve its internal (east/west) threat-monitoring and insider-threat program. Previously, the security team had been overwhelmed by managing multiple security tools and addressing an overload of alerts from its SIEM system.

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All About Industroyer, Energy’s Scariest Malware

A new report warns utility companies that grid viruses are getting exceptionally sophisticated.

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How to Fix Security-Alert Overload

The technology to remedy alert fatigue already exists. So why aren’t companies using it?

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The Crusade to Cyber-Save Energy

Cyberattacks concerns triggered a surge of new grid regulations. Here's how to get compliant.

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Prioritize the Risks That Matter

See how Interset can strengthen your business through quick, accurate threat detection

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