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CASE STUDY: The Technology Manufacturer

Despite investing more than $1 million on a large security vendor, a technology manufacturer learned that very valuable data had been compromised. Their existing security software failed to surface any breach.

Realizing how blind to risk they were—especially in their backend repositories, where IP is stored—this company reached out to Interset for a swift solution. So they sent us 30 days of log data (or, millions of events) and our advanced behavior analytics promptly found and documented two engineers, out of 20,000 employees, stealing source code from them.

In less than two weeks, Interset spotted even more user and entity anomalies. To the company’s surprise, it identified 11 others swiping data from this technology company—three in North America, eight in China. Previously, the company’s risk-management team could not see if users were stealing data or spot any risky activity. Interset optimized their existing security detail and applied multidimensional analytics which ranked risks, giving this team clarity. Because the only way to stop increasingly complex threats is through visibilityously, sensitive data being put at risk, improper data access and movement by any user (including third parties), account compromises, and rogue-machine anomalies.

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